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Help!! Year Check On Rear Bumper!


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Hey guys,

Ive got a 71 240 and she desperatly needs a new rear bumper. I found one on ebay with the overrider bar on it. The guy selling says its off a 71, but someone said its a 73. I cant tell the difference by looking at it. can anyone help me out? The auction ends in 3 hours!!



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I think it looks like it's in good shape...if you're not set on year matching parts, I'd pick it up anyway.

I can't remember for the life of me if there was a change between 71-73, and of course my Z books are at work (where better to read).

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The '73 bumpers stick out a little further. The bumper on eBay appears to be an earlier version to me. If the '73 bumpers really did use the shock absorber type mount as you say then clearly the eBay bumper uses the earlier simple bracket.

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On my 73, the outer rubber trim strip is one piece, not two. It also looks like my vertical bumpers(push pads) are a little farther out. Same mount, goes to the body, but there may be a shock behind it. Dunno. Check the pics on my web site. Link below in my sig.

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