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Water Temperature Sender Installation!


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So a couple of months ago while changing my thermostat, I noticed that both the upper and lower portions of the housing had damage to them that made them unusable ( always like it when a new gasket and scraping all that old crud from a seal reveals a leak and thus a bigger job) but I digress. In removing the water temperature sending unit ( the only thing wired into my thermostat since the PO removed the other units which connect to the EGR System? anyway, the only thing I have is the one which gives me the temp at my dash. The 30+ year old wire, being old and brittle breaks off at the sensor, I patched in a new piece of wire, soldered it etc, after a couple of months, it keeps coming loose so I bought a new one from MSA. My question is, it has that little nub sticking out to wire it, but does anyone know what size/type connector I need to attach the wire to the sensor? also where I could get one would be helpful too! Thanks!

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