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Need help with interior execution


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Here is what I think should occur in the order I believe it will happen.

1] Put the window posts and side roof post vinyl in place

2] Put the front window post vinyl in place

3] Install the headliner

4] Install the windshield (anytime after 1-3 are finished)

5] Install the weather stripping around the doors.

6] Install the rear plastic panels (front and then the rear)

7] Install the rear t/lights plastic panel

8] Install the door panels

Now, can anyone see anything that is out of order? (I wait to do the windshield after everything else is done)

I am starting on it tomorrow so now's the time to speak out! :sick:

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I am about to do the same thing to my 72z. I think the headliner needs to go in first. The post and side panels glue to a u-channel piece that mounts along the headliner ( no wet glue near headliner ). Are you going to replace the tunnel vinyl? That should go in next along with the shock tower vinyl. Then the dog-leg pieces and the plastic covers. The glass can go in last. This is what I plan on doing this weekend.

Bob M

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For what it's worth I installed a new headliner without removing the pillar vinyl trim. You just have to kind of push the edges in around the perimeter. I think it's safe to say that step 4 must come after 1 and 2 and that 7 has to come after 6. Everything else can be done at any time in any order.

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I read "the book" and he recommends the headliner going in first. I have the turquoise vinyl so I am awaiting the pieces for Too Intense and from Motorsport.

The Z has black carpeting on the tunnel. It was glued over the diamond plate.

It looks like I need to put the dash cover plate in place after the W/S is installed. You guys agree? It looks like you need the room for the gasket and then install the 5 screws after the windshield is installed.

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I have the front of the car completed. I put in new blue vinyl above the W/S and on the door posts. It came out very good. I then put the door seals in the had a new W/S installed. I put the sun visors and mirror in place and the car looks like a new one! I have finally received the white diamond plate vinyl from Motorsport and have washed it readying it for the blue SEM. Once I get the shock towers and the shelf painted I can re-install the rear interior. The car is finally getting done!

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