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Wade Nelson

New Beck/Arnley Ignition Switch Failed -- Rock Auto made good!

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My ignition switch was getting "tired," it was taking excess twist to get it to the CRANK position. Friends I invited into the driver's seat couldn't start it without "instruction."

So I repalced it with a new Beck/Arnley from Rock Auto. 30 day warranty. Super cheap. $12.

Failed after 40 days. RockAuto was good about it, honored the warranty, but this time I bought the Airtex/Wells with a 1 year warranty.

$12 vs $25. Not worth the labor to replace...AGAIN.

The first time the "new" one misbehaved it would crank, but immediately die when I came back to the run position, repeatedly. AC wasn't cutting in either. Thought I was vapor locking.... Managed to limp it home.

Now it has the spring loaded "return" taking it not just out of crank, but off of "run." Internal switch failure?

It may have just been a single bad part, but I'm concerned perhaps my starter solenoid is pulling too many amps and frying ignition switches.

I may wire a $5 Bosch 30A relay in between the ignition switch and the starter solenoid, as THAT would be a lot easier to replace than replacing this switch a 3rd time. I might also wire a beneath-the-dash kill switch to the other side of the relay, a cheap but very powerful form of anti-theft.

Anyway,the lesson learned is DONT BUY 30 DAY WARRANTY PARTS unless you don't mind ripping the entire dash, whatever, out a second time.

BTW, my ignition cylinder itself is very worn, despite some work by a locksmith. Anyone got a spare one lying around (280zx) with at least one working key?

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