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  1. pilot bushing fit

    Hole wheat, perfect lol. I had not seen a tapered screw-in grease zerk like that before. I learned something new. Thank you.
  2. pilot bushing fit

    I am new to this forum but not new to cars. Seeing a reference to using a chisel to get the pilot bushing out there is a easier way and you don't damage the flywheel. Jam a slice or two of bread into the pilot bushing and then hammer it down with metal dowel that just fits inside the bushing (I have cut off the threads of a bolt), continue adding bread and pounding it in the bushing. The compressed bread will drive the bushing out slick as can be and once bushing is out dig the bread out with a small screwdriver or pick. The bread will come out easily and leaves the flywheel undamaged and clean. I know it sounds crazy but try it next time. Pat
  3. pclements