• Seat Rail Differences

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    Test entry covering differences between seat rails of the Z:


    Left, 240Z, 1970-1973  Up to 7/73

    Center 260Z and 75-76 280Z.  (Date range....)  8/73 - 7/76. (?)

    Right 280z 1977-78.   8/76- 78

    Rear of the sliders is at the top of the picture. Sorry about that.

    240z. Studs in sliders go through holes in seat base. Nut/lock/flat attach (awkwardly !) from underside of metal frame.

    260/280 . Round headed hex M8x1.25 chrome bolts attach through slider into captured nuts in seat base frame.

    Notes that come to mind:

    Since the way the sliders attach to seat bases is different as well, I should include pictures of the seat bases, but only from the perspective of the way the sliders mount, Not the webbing, or upholstry differences. That’s another thread.

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