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Found 2 results

  1. Hi everyone, I'm refinishing some TOPY wheels soon, and I have an ORIGINAL unused TOPY wheel that even has the original tire and finish. Unscathed. It's in perfect condition. Now, I know the "D" emblem wheel covers are different in colour. They are more "metallic / graphite" in colour. However, I see that there are a number of listings for the paint for said wheel covers being sold as identical in colour to the taillight finisher/garnishes. I have two refinished sets of taillight finishers/garnishes, both look to be done by two different people, but the colour is very close to one another. However, I also have two sets of unfinished sets, and one is from a very early car, and the other is from #1606. Yet, the colour is closer to the TOPY wheel colour than they are to the "D" wheel covers/hub caps. Now, I'm going to be sending the 4.5J TOPY wheels I have to get refinished to match the mint original one, but now I'm wondering if I should take the tail-light finishers to get done at the same time. Any solid info on this? I understand that they could just be "weathered" and the 240z does have issues with exhaust fumes billowing back towards the vehicle when coming to a stop, which *could* change the tint of the taillight finisher panel- but it's not even close to the "D" wheel covers. Not in sheen, not in colour, not in "metallic" speckling... Were cars around #2000 or prior different than what everyone else is selling, or... ?
  2. Hey I've got four original wheel covers for my 240z. They are in perfect condition, and i have taken them off the car to keep them in good shape. I'm thinking about getting different wheels for my car so how much do you think i could get for 4 perfect original wheel covers.