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Found 2 results

  1. Working on fixing glass fiber bumper bracket. I purchased body mount from EuroDat a bit long ago, and finally, start working on the bumper. The bracket is really stable and fit very well. Thanks Chas! I purchased fiber bumper from local craigslist long time ago... The bracket on the bumper side does not fit to the mount at all. Thus, I removed the bracket and left them for awhile... I weld bolts on the bracket and painted. Put a few glass fiber sheet and fix it. Add more sheets to make it durable. Test fitting looks good ? I have to think about what I should do on the side blots. I don't have a hole on the side of the body...
  2. Hello all, I began a 240 bumper swap last fall on my 78 280z, with the end result hopefully being a fiberglass font bumper painted body color, and a shaved rear. I decided that the shaved look would be impractical for seattle daily driving(we'll get to that) and built a rear bumper bar using the center from an old 240 and endcaps made from overriders. It was not a showpiece, but something, until I could make up my mind. I was rear-ended thursday, damage being limited to the steel panel below the taillights being destroyed, my bumper left dangling by a bolt, a great scuff on the tailgate, and my twice-pipe's tips being crumpled. The Blazer that hit me rode over the bumper, not into it...I think the old stock bumper would have been forced down and not compressed as intended, bending the shocks, unibody mounts, and maybe even into the fuel tank... The point of all this...I'm down to two options, repair panel for the steel with a fiberglass rear bumper, or a repair panel for the steel and one of MSA's rear skirts, the types with bumper detail...http://www.thezstore.com/page/TZS/PROD/7RS/50-1473 or http://www.thezstore.com/page/TZS/PROD/7RS/50-1450G does anyone have any photos of these installed? How is the fit? beyond the usual finessing do they hug close to the body, line up well? A side shot would be cool, I like the clean look of the rear end and don't want anything bulky back there(that's why the bumpers went...)
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