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Found 8 results

  1. Hi Everyone, Completely stumped on this one. So my engine was running completely fine since it's first start about a month ago and then suddenly it just stopped working all together. I have spark, I have fuel pressure, and there is fuel in the carb bowls. I figured it's an issue with the carbs so I pulled them and cleaned them up + did the basic rebuild, but still no luck. Pretty sure I set the floats correctly, center shutoff to 0.5" from the machined surface, and power valve pickup 1/32", but when the bowls fill up it goes well above the dot in the viewing window. is this normal? I tried pulling the power valve to service it, but couldnt get it to crack open. Any tips here? Is there any way I can test the functionality of the carb other than trying to start the car? Just want to verify it is mixing fuel with air. Thanks!
  2. Hi everyone Here is my situation i bought a 72 240z That was sitting for many years i dropped and cleaned the fuel tank cleaned out the fuel lines put a new electric fuel pump new filters put 5 gals of 92 octan its now getting clean fuel to the carbs i purchased and installed carb rebuild kit i put new plugs and wires and it is getting spark i fired it up after a oil change and prepped the motor i had to play with the carbs for like a hour to start it had to use quick start to prim it and she ran great for 45 mins or so shut it off now she will not start anymore any ideas or things i should check P.s the carb next to the firewall sucks in a lot of air the the front not so much?
  3. Just finished a complete engine rebuild on my 1975 Datsun 280z (I named her Bonnie) a few days ago. I've owned Bonnie since 11/1/2015, just 6 months now, and began the rebuild the end of November. When I tried to start it, I have absolutely no power in the car, no lights inside, no headlights, no clicking in the ignition, nothing? Hoping I didn't kill Bonnie. Here is what I've done so far; I've cleaned and checked the battery and terminals, all new terminals. Checked for power from positive, the only power I have is to the starter, no power to the alternator or the ignition. I've checked the grounds, all are good, the two bolted to the frame and the one to the back of the starter. Needless to say, I'm both stumped and frustrated. I can post pics of anything anyone needs, I appreciate your help. P.S.- Bonnie ran very well when I bought her, all lights worked, started every time, no problems. Just a tired engine. Help??!! Troy
  4. Bought this 73 240z year ago that had a 350 swap attempt. Also came with original motor and trans took it apart and cleaned it up and replaced ever thon with new parts new electric fuel pump new mechanical fuel pump new spark plugs and wires all new filters complete carburetor rebuild by pal tech but the car won't start there is fuel to the carburetors there's spark to the plugs I just don't know what to do anymore any help is appreciated?
  5. I have a 1971 240z, when I bought it it ran well and was good all summer and come winter time I had some minor things to fix. Decided to pull the engine and rebuild it. Everything was cleaned and put back together, everything seemed fine but now it won't start. At first there were electrical issues, no power to the ignition. That was fixed and we tried to start the car. With the throttle fully open it will turn over really rough but it runs, barely.. it sits at 1000rpm and after a couple minutes it dies (that is worth the throttle fully open the whole time). We checked compression it's good, checked for leaks at all flanges and there are none, replaced spark plugs as 3 were shot, firing order is all correct, it's a twin carb set up and we checked both float pots on the carbs both are getting/have gas so It is getting fuel, if you release the pedal it dies instantly. I have no idea what could be wrong.. has anyone had the same issue? Or any ideas on how to fix it?
  6. I have a 1974 260z with a external starter button.Usually you turn the key to the on position and hit the button and it starts. If the key is not in the on position the car will turn over but not start. Seems the key being on ignites the spark and allows the electric to flow to the components. I just put the engine back in and when I put the key to start usually the electrical components become live. Usually at this time the defroster light come on if the defrost is on as well as the choke light or wipers if they are switched on. Now nothing no spark either. Anybody have any ideas as my electrical knowledge is zero.This starter button arrangement was in the car when I bought it so I have no idea how it is wired.,......Help
  7. just replaced the fuel pump on my 76 280z...it started with no problem before and not working now. I checked to see if pump is working and it sure is working as I unpluged the hose at the filter it was pumping gas. I think it's an elertical problem, but I'm not sure where to start.
  8. Im sure this has been discussed before, but the threads i read are similar but not the same. I own an 83 280ZX Non Turbo GL and it has been sitting for about 4 years. I pulled it out of the shed and stripped out the interior and under the hood replaced: Spark Plugs, Spark Plug Wires, Dist Cap and Rotor, Fuel Filter, Oil Filter, Oil, Fuel Injectors, Battery Terminals and a new Red Top Optima battery. The damn car turns over just fine but wont fire. Spark Plugs are getting spark (not sure if enough, looked kinda weak) and smells like fuel on the plugs when removed. I double checked the fire sequence and even bled the air out of the Fuel Rail but no luck. It wouldn't even try to start with starter fluid. A Z collector told me to put a teaspoon of oil into the cylinders since its been sitting so long to re-lube the rings to seal em better but dunno. Gonna grab a new Bosch Coil on the way home to see if that helps, because like i mentioned, the spark seems really weak. Another thread mentioned these as maybe interferring with ignition: Cold Start Valve, Water Temp Sensor, Air Temp Sensor, Cylinder Head Temp Sensor, Fuel Tank Breather, and Vacuum Advance on the Distributor. Please Help!!
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