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  1. Well after forty years of ownership I'm finally starting a second go around at restoring my 1970 240Z. I purchased the car well used in 1978 with 90,000 plus miles from the local Datsun Dealership in Chilliwack, BC Canada. Here is a picture from July '78: Here is what it looks like today. Looks reasonable but the paint is showing its age and there are some other issues lurking that need to be fixed properly. Full disclosure will come later. Restoration number one was done in 1982 and I only did what I could afford at the time. I actually think this fi
  2. Good evening everyone, I think I have posted about this before but I am in need of help. A little background, my grandfather left my family around 20 cars or so but thanks to the neglect of my dad they have rotted in the warehouse. I am 18 years old and going off to college next year but have successfully restored a 1994 cobra from the same warehouse. I am based near Houston, Texas and want to make this car a drifting machine. I plan on engine swapping this car but I am unsure on where to start. I will include some pictures, I have started by removing the seats and other items from the interio
  3. Hi guys/gals, I have had a few people on various posts here and on reddit asking for a full build thread, so I am going to try to make that happen. This will be a documentation of the restoration and modification of my 1972 240Z. This project really started a year ago, so I will give a quick background. After that I will try to post regularly; it may take a week or two to get this thread up to date with the work I have done so far, but it is what it is. Some things will be out of order as I find time. If you want to follow real time then follow me on instagram if you like (d_stratton).
  4. Check out this listing on eBay https://www.ebay.com/itm/112673464064
  5. After nearly 5 years of serving the Datsun community, Vintage Chrome will be terminating the service by the end of this year. There comes a time in most every entrepreneurial venture when you reach a point in which you have a tough decision to make......"get big or get out". Unfortunately, achieving significant growth at this stage of the venture would simply require a commitment of resources that I am not prepared to make at this stage of my life. So, I have decided that "getting out" is the best course of action for me and my family. I know that there are members of the club that woul
  6. http://huddleston240z.weebly.com My friend, Dave, is in the process of restoring a 1971 240z for a second friend, Iain. He is doing a great job of documenting the process in the above blog, along with lots of photos. I thought some might find this interesting. This afternoon, we're going to tackle spindle pins. This is a job I have not yet done on my 240z, so I thought it would be interesting to help Dave out, to see if the spindle pin and bushing replacement is something I might want to tackle next winter.
  7. This vehicle, which has always resided in Florida is in excellent condition compared to other Datsun 240Z's which are often found rusted out. The owner bought this (nearly) rust-free car as a project destined for a performance build. Being mechanically inclined, the customer is going to be doing all the assembly and upgrades but wanted us to take care of the body restoration.
  8. Mike

    Circa 1998

    From the album: 1971 240z Jedi

    Here's a good one. Two years after I created the Internet 240z Club. Which, eventually became the Classic Zcar Club you see now. Sitting in my 1971 240z after going through the entire frame with a cheap gravity fed sandblaster. Those were the days.
  9. From the album: 1971 240z Jedi

    Another interesting shot of all the parts I took off and had sandblasted.
  10. Holly Pitters


    From the album: 240z Project Car

    November 2015 - just got the car - ready to start
  11. When I removed these parts, I must have figured they were unique enough to remember where they went, obviously I was wrong. Can anyone help me identify these parts, where they belong on a 1977 280Z? Any assistance is very much appreciated. Parts may not be the original color, I had the some powdered coated black, and painted some others.
  12. I just picked up a '73 restoration project and am looking for some good Z books (this is my first Datsun). Does anyone have any recommendations? So far I'm looking at these: How to Restore Your Datsun Z-Car https://www.amazon.com/dp/1931128022/ref=cm_sw_r_awd_11Ovvb0AAQRTR How to Rebuild Your Nissan/Datsun OHC Engine: Covers L-Series Engines 4-Cylinder 1968-1978, 6-Cylinder 1970-1984 https://www.amazon.com/dp/1931128030/ref=cm_sw_r_awd_C4Ovvb1GA93K6 Essential Datsun Z 240Z to 280Zx: The Cars and Their Story 1969-83 (Essential Series) https://www.amazon.com/dp/1870979516/ref=cm_sw_r_awd_w5Ovvb1
  13. Does anyone have any photos of the original look of the engine once painted? Anything would help. Trying to cover up this Ford Blue that's on the engine now. Mainly concerned about which brackets get painted, Freeze plugs, covers, overspray, etc. I may or may not try to recreate the factory overspray look, but I'm more interested in the other details. What's cad, what's not. etc. I don't really need an entire rundown, but a pictoral of someone who's done a true-to-stock engine refinishing project would be helpful. I've discussed some parts with Al from California Datsun, but then there are s
  14. Ok, so we are getting pretty close to spraying primer on my 1970 restoration project. I have all of the new trip pieces and NOS logos, etc... The whole body is going to look great, except the gas door latch- the chrome is pitted and rotten looking. Do inhale any alternatives other than sandblasting it and getting it re chromed? Any aftermarket replacements? Any suggestions would be ost appreciated.
  15. So, one bit at a time my 1970 Z is finding its way back to respectability. Hope to have her back on the road in April. Some progress pics..... Front and rear spoilers are GONE, holes patched and sanded. Body sanded down and excessive bondo repairs replaced with mesh supported fiberglass. Hubcaps coming along (yes, I know they're the wrong ones for a 1970, but I like them). She's running solidly now, and the interior is about 80%. Tail light on the left has been polished and restored, one on right is as they came to me.
  16. I finally got around to moving my blog into a real website. I'm trying to go through my photos (over 2,400 photos, 6.6GB) and document what I've learned. I've got a bunch posted, I hope some of you can find it useful. 240Z – Carburetors240Z – Changing Instrument Lighting240Z – Choke Cable Repair240Z – Electronic Points240Z – Fuel Tank240Z – Generic Wiring Troubleshooting Checklist IN PROCESS240Z – Half-Shaft Rebuild240Z – Heater Blower Motor Replacement240Z – Multi - function Switches (Hazard, blinker, ignition) IN PROCESS240Z – Parking Brake Refurbish240Z – Power Door
  17. For some of you Datsun Spirit may be a familiar name, for others this may be the first time your learning of this shop. Eiji however, Datsun Spirit's founder is a legend in the Z Car community with his orange, slide carb, 240ZG. Datsun Spirit offers various parts for L Series motors, from our custom piston and rods to full on part restorations. Utilizing Eiji's knowledge and passion of L Series motors Datsun Spirit has created top quality products that speak for themselves in the Z car community. We are committed to bringing additional products to the Z market and over the next few months we w
  18. First of all, I am very new to this forum haha. There has been a late-build 1969 240z in my family ever since my grandpa bought it brand new in 1969. It sat for 30 years, mostly outside in southern California. It only has 83,xxx miles on it! My family doesn't want to get rid of the car, however nobody, except for me, is interested in restoring it or fixing it up. As for me, I am 16 years old and a HUGE car enthusiast. Im the only one in the family who wants the 240 to fix up. My aunt and uncle recently brought the car to my house in Palm Springs. This is how the car looked when it arrived: M
  19. I bought this car in pretty good condition in 1986, rebuilt the engine, replaced suspension/brakes, floor and frame. I moved away for work and the car has been stored in a heated garage since 1989. The garage owners have sold their house. Keeping it isn't practical for me anymore so I'd like to get it back into shape and pass it along to another appreciative owner. It will need work, so I would welcome any insight and experiences for restoration. I don't have the funds to do a complete restoration, but would at least like to get it functional and in sellable condition. Here are my biggest ques
  20. Project thread for the 2050-Z: I bought this 280z in Summer 2011. The original ad on Craigslist: 1977 Datsun 280Z - (Bellingham) Date: 2011-07-24, 11:03AM PDT http://bellingham.cr...2510772069.html Well I never thought I would get rid of her but she needs someone thats going to drive her more often. This car is an absolute blast to drive. It handles great, runs strong and smooth. Great to take out on Chuckanut or go cruise in the county. Couple of notes: - I have the original factory manual. - I have the original factory wheel blocks. - I think the spare tire is original. - I have a spa
  21. Picked up a 1970 240Z that my aunt and uncle gave to me a few months ago and have been working on it quite hard ever since. It was my aunt's first car that she got in 1973 and she has had it since. 11 years ago a connecting rod put a baseball size hole out the side of the block and it has sat in their garage since then. I gladly took it off their hands and the project has begun! The plan is to do a engine, trans, and rear end swap in it. I already picked up a 1979 ZX that I took the complete drivetrain out. The body was junk but the drivetrain was good. Got a buddy going over the trans a
  22. My Z exterior project is complete...but my skill level for interior work is not as solid as I thought! Anyone know of a good place who restores interiors in Florida, pref South FL? Cheers!
  23. I am having body work and a complete repaint done in my 1970 240z. I have purchased all new trim, weatherstripping and emblems. However, the emblems (which are all from Nissan) are all plastic, but the originals are metal. Will I decrease the value of my restoration by putting these plastic replacement emblems on the car? The original emblems are not damaged, but are missing some paint and the chrome is faded. Any thoughts? Keith
  24. I'm neck deep into a complete ground up rebuild of my '73 240z. I thought it's about time I started a thread on this car and started sharing my "experiences" I just finished replacing the passenger side floor-pan and decided to start working on the battery compartment area (it was completely rusted out). After cutting away all the sheet metal I got a better view of the condition that the passenger side frame rail is in. I new that I would have to cut parts of it out and replace with good metal but after getting a good look at it I think I'll just replace the whole thing. Before I cut it
  25. Currently living in the Raleigh, NC area and have a 73 240 that needs a total ground-up, which I neither have the time or space to perform. Anyone have a good experience with shops in the area, especially body? Thanks Alex
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