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Found 264 results

  1. I have a 1972 240z, and the guy I bought it from got a viper security system and a beefy sound system wired in (very poorly might I add). I need to rewire a lot of the engine bay and the wiring diagrams available are not helping, a lot of wires are spliced and replaced that don't match up or are just taped off and lead nowhere. If anybody has a diagram of all the 10 pin connectors that are located underneath the passenger side of the dashboard it would help a lot, or if anybody has any self made diagrams that are at all related to engine bay wiring please post them, anything might help me out.
  2. Year: 1971 Series 1 240Z (75,568 miles) Location: Acworth Georgia 30102 Price: $6K OBO I have this unfinished project sitting in my garage and it need a new owner to complete it. Here is some info on it but it would definitely be best for interested people to come check it out in person. Please call Me (Jamie) at 770-294-9975 if you want to check it out. All rot cut out and patched, floors, front fenders, new doglegs New windshield and rest of the glass is in great shape New rubber seals for doors and other small pieces New Tikico suspension and urethane kit 280zx brake booster New Enki wheels and new tires complete interior in very good shape all tar insulation removed and replaced with dynomat engine bay painted blue runs great when battery is charged dash lights replaced with LED, volt meter replace ampmeter electronic ignition one door is dented from moving it in trailer small oil leak tons of receipts and paperwork fiberglass bumpers and headlight surrounds yes the dash has cracks
  3. Parting out 1982 Nissan 280ZX, it is a complete. Let me know what your interested in, the only things not for sale are rear diff, transmission and axle shafts. Shipping will be from Idaho, 83347 Items available include: -Engine/accessories -Wiring Harness -New Air Flow Meter -interior gauges -Fuel tank -Rims -Rear disc Brakes -Drive Shaft -Trim pieces -Glass Let me know what you want and I'll take a better picture of it and send you a price email me at dayleywwc@gmail.com Thanks
  4. 1972 240Z, automatic, with aftermarket AC. ISSUE: Between approx. 1100 to 1800 rpm when the motor is at operating temp., the engine will; cough, sputter, miss through the back/rear carb and it makes it hard to leave stop signs. As soon as it hits 1900 to 2k rpm it takes off like crazy and runs perfect. it is a fast car for what it is. This is my fourth Z but my first three were brand spanking new with no troubles except for my 74 260 that hated cold weather in South Dakota. I also had a 71 240Z, automatic and a 76 280Z 5 speed, all back in the 70s new. I got this Datsun 240Z in November 2016. I have had this trouble all along only so much worse I when I got it, I could not drive it anywhere for fear of dying. So here is what I have done; PARTS: new plugs, new rotor, new, distributor cap, new dual points, new condensers, new plug wires, new ignition coil, new mechanical fuel pump, new air cleaner filter. Put oil in the top of the dash pots. I took it to a mechanic who said he used to work on them years ago and raced datsuns. He said he pulled the distributor checked it all out, set carbs and timing and and put in new plugs, and reset the points gap, and said one of my new condensers was bad so he replaced it, and did whatever for 300 bucks, it ran great for one day then started doing it again the next day. Took it back and paid him 80 bucks more for whatever he did, got home 30+ miles away and it started doing it all over again. He said come back and I haven't because; it used to cough through the carb so hard it would fall flat on its face and sputter in the back carb, and keep doing it so that it was almost dying until I hit the 2k rpm. Then I did all the work I said and it seems the added oil in the carbs brought it to a milder miss/ backfire or cough thru the rear carb. It runs so much better now at the low rpm but it is still there. When it is a cold engine start, I choke it and it starts up, sputtering a lot and i right away ease up on the choke. it coughs thru the rear carb giving it gas in park at the low end until it warms up, After engine warms up, it only misses or coughs through the rear carb when the car is in drive under load or reverse. Park or N it runs great at low rpm on up to any rpm. It sounds super and runs super. CHRIS, Florida 19,500 OBO tired of dealing with it and don't have an easy time getting in and out of it. I am old and too heavy, But I love these Z cars.
  5. Looking for Transmission cross member 70-71 years, 240z Please pm if available, Thank you.
  6. Just signed up to the forum. I'm starting to look to buy a 240z and would like some advice of what to look for. I bought a brand new 1971 240Z in Okinawa in the spring of 1971 for $2950.00, no sales tax, and had it shipped to the US for $125.00. My girlfriend ended up with the car way back then. I lost track of her and the car. I'd like to find the car.. Well maybe not that car but a similar one. What does a "series one" refer to? I came across that term recently in my search.
  7. Purchased a M-factory R200 LSD and UPS said it would be delivered today. Has anyone installed one themselves? Suggestions?
  8. I have a R200 from an 86 300ZX and all of the parts to bolt into a 240Z. I will entertain offers for next couple days. R200 3.70 Speedo conversion Stub axles Halfshafts Front R200 cross member Rear R200 cross member PM me if interested Don
  9. For your consideration is a Holley carb conversion package with everything you need to run. Includes 240Z SU type intake manifold, 4 barrel conversion manifold, 1 Holley 390 cfrm in good condition with fresh rebuild, 1 spare Holley 390 carb of unknown condition (may need rebuild), linkage arm, and chrome air cleaner with filter. The 4 barrel conversion manifold is an odd beast for sure. Looks like it was made for a blow through turbo. It really drops the carb down low and has connections on the bottom for some kind of cooling (or heating?) system. Really interesting piece. I took this off a ITS race car we are currently restoring. Going back to SU's. I tried to take lots of pictures. Asking $500 for entire setup and free shipping in continental US.
  10. New replacement frame rail sections for front and rear of Datsun 240Z and early 260Z. Thicker than original metal (12 gauge). Available in mild steel and stainless steel. 240Z/260Z Rear Rail: https://zcardepot.com/exterior/sheet-metal/frame-rail-sheet-metal-rear-240z.html?search=800-984 240Z/260Z Front Rail: https://zcardepot.com/exterior/sheet-metal/frame-rail-sheet-metal-front-240z.html?search=800-983
  11. I thought I would make a quick post. The 510 wasn't charging so I did a little research on Rockauto. The 240z uses the exact same part so I pirated one off one of the Z's and that fixed the charging issue. Plug N play
  12. Wanted to buy: A set of 240Z D hubcaps in nice shape. Paying top dollar. Let me know, thanks. Arden
  13. spoofan

    [SOLD] 240 radio

    Hi, looking for AM/FM radio for my 1973 240Z.
  14. Barnfind

    Free 1970 240z

    Free 1970 240z located in Bowdoinham, Maine at Hoyt's Automotive on Rte 125 (right off I-95). This car was a well-maintained summer daily driver for years until the early 90s, then stored in a barn until 2014. Has been at Hoyt's Automotive since then. Jeff needs the space in his lot and plans to junk the car. The car's owner doesn't care, but ok'd my posting the car here as free-for-the-taking. I don't have any photos. I think the color was racing green. Please take it and restore it!! Ask for Jeff Hoyt (owner of Hoyt's Automotive). Was a great car! Thanks, --A friend of the owner
  15. HI guys, I need your help. I've been searching the whole web (almost) and still don't know more than before I started my search. I want to swap my L28 flywheel/clutch to a 240mm unit. I use a stock 4-speed gearbox (out of my 240z). I've read that the 280z 2+2 as well as later 280zx turbo cars use a 240mm flywheel. However, if I look up the flywheel at rockauto, I always end up finding the same (225mm) flywheel for all models (240z-280zx), even though it says 280 2+2: Rockauto I also heard a SR20DET clutch + some other flywheel could work.. If someone had a parts number or a list of all required parts for a swap..that would be super awesome!! Thanks!
  16. Hi. Lance here. I finally got around to rewire my 1971 240z. It had a L28 and a faulty wiring and I'm very confused. So, I found a small metal box on the back of my speedo. It have a Yellow and a Yellow/black wire coming out and a red wire that hooks up with the speedo. I teared apart the old wiring and found the yellow one is connected to the IGN Black/White wire using some sketchy electrical tape, and the Y/B one is routed all the way to 4 big 2x5 connector that connects to the engine bay harness. I'm guessing this is a mix matched setup? Voltage regulator is not wired either. Since I'm rewiring the whole thing I just need to know what the heck is this small box. It outputs red about 11.6 volt when battery is connected via Y, and nothing at Y/B. I searched online and found this image of a 260z gauge that appears to have the identical box. It seems those green wires are the Y and Y/B on mine. I did some research online and found out nothing. Have anyone got a idea of what it does? I'm testing the gauges and the speedo and fuel gauge is not working.
  17. Hi guys. Wondering if there's any way someone here could help me out with finding a part I'm looking for. I'm currently converting my '73 240z to early SU carbs, and I need to find the long J hook linkage that comes off of the firewall bracket to the rest of the carb assembly. Linkage piece I need is shown in the photos I attached below. Does anyone have one of these or know where I can find one? ZTherapy told me to check around on the forums, and I'm not sure where to find one locally. Thanks in advance for your help! Courtney
  18. 1972 240z manual. Having a problem moving shift lever into reverse. Just drove car cross country, about 2500 miles. When I started, shifting into all gears was fine, smooth and easy. Near the end shifting into reverse was very hard, and it still is. No grinding, just moving the shift lever into reverse is very stiff and takes quite a bit of force. Any help will be appreciated. Don't know if this is a linkage or transmission problem.
  19. 8.8 IRS rear differential mount kit for S30 chassis. This kit allows the mounting of a Ford Explorer 8.8 rear differential in a stock S30 chassis with no modifications to the chassis. Installing the 8.8 allows for a large range of gear and locker options as well as parts availability at any auto parts store. https://zcardepot.com/driveline/ford-8-8-irs-rear-differential-swap-bracket-kit.html?search=ford
  20. 73 downloads

    1973 240z Factory Service Manual


  21. My son has a 1973 240z with stock ignition, weber 40's and headers. We have purchased a MSD 6AL, Blaster 2 coil, and 1979 280Zx e12-80 distributor Does anyone have a good wiring diagram to use? After looking at the directions and searching the internet there seems to be a few ways to do this and we would like the Tach to work. It sounds like some folks use the 8920 tach adapter and some don't. Any help would be appreciated before we tackle the job. Thank you. Eric
  22. Oh so wise Z community! I need your assistance desperately! I have a short... Somewhere! I currently have, running lights at all. I also have no dash lights, marker lights, tail lights, or engine light. I believe the dome light is also not working. What I do have is headlights, turn signals, brake lights, map light, and radio. When I change the fuse (tried 3 times) it immediately flashes and burns.. So much so that I burned my finger. Oh wise ones! You direction and help is very needed! Thanks much! Kira The lil z lady
  23. Carbs and manifold removed from strong running 240Z and stored with all openings taped shut, in plastic, inside garage in dry climate. No problems when removed from car that was totaled. Make me an offer.
  24. Oh so wise Z community! I need your assistance desperately! I have a short... Somewhere! I currently have, running lights a all at night, I also have no dash lights, marker lights, tail lights, or engine light. I believe the dome light is also not working. What I do have is headlights, turn signals, brake lights, map light, and radio. When I change the fuse (tried 3 times) it immediately flashes and burns.. So much so that I burned my finger. Oh wise ones! You direction and help is very needed! Thanks much! Kira The lil z lady
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