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  1. Kind of organized with my tools (still not that easy to find sometimes)  but can not remember how to do somethings.

    But now that I am using this tool in the digital age I have my picture. Now to keep track of the picture😂Remote Starter Hook up.jpg

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  2. remote starter instructions.jpgThanks Steve

    Manual Transmission

    This is just a switch to turn over/start the car from the engine bay.  Have attached a picture and the instructions.

    I last used this 40 years ago and can't remember how I hooked it up.  What I have tried so far has not worked.

    The instructions are little sketchy.   remote starter.jpg

  3. Is this for real?    About half way through I started to laugh my arse off once I figured out the Jaws reference and really watched that guy. 

    His bike looks like a Honda 50 from the 70's☺️ and his style is way different also.  Pretty cool tho. 

  4. Ian

    Sorry I did not see this when first posted.

    "I sold restored footrest to a member here, maybe if he is looking, he can say what he think to my replacement foot grip."

    I believe I am that member.

    Ian's restored footrest is beautiful, although I have not installed it yet,  it still looks great in the box :) 

    The ribbed portion is perfect.

    Thanks again          Steve

  5. Thanks for the link.  i have checked that out before and will use that method for the grommet portion if I can not get a grommet.

    As far as I know you can not get just the roller.  I have checked some generic rollers and have not found any that will work.

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