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  1. Unkle are all your cars for sale? If so i'm sorry your getting out of them:disappoin but i hope they stay in the Great White North. Dave
  2. Wow, nice car hot rod. How did you find it? With all the upgrades listed on your cardomain site, it looks like the suspension and brakes have already been upgraded. What do you plan to do? Again a very nice car it's good to have so many local. Dave
  3. My son sold me his car to finance his schooling, so i'm back to owning a z car. A 72 240z that we found in LA flew down to pick up and drove back. Since then I have also bought a 71 parts car out of Oregon and a 73 from Calgary. Once the Z bug bites it bites hard! My Question is for other Z owners from Canada How did you find your car, where did they come from, and how long have you had them? Dave
  4. Welcome, and nice car. We Canucks should try and have a get together to show off our rides, O ya 5000 plus kms coast to coast, that bites. Dave
  5. My son and I have had the same starter problem on two cars a 72 240 and a 73, after searching on this form and Hybrid z we have tried cleaning the ground, replacing the starter and ignition switch (which took a long time to source and the local Napa parts store to get in) only to determine that the original parts was just fine. What we found on both cars is that the ignition switch that the key tumbler turns, the part the wiring attaches too and is held in place with 2 tiny screws, spins ever so slightly to the left if looking from the drivers seat thus not allowing full contact in the start p
  6. My Son and I drove from Orange County (LA) to Calgary Alberta with a car that we flew down to buy for him. We test drove the rust free 72 240z and he wanted it so he bought it and we drove it home. No major issues other than the alternator gave up for dead on the way into Montana, I called Z Specialties in Seattle and had a replacement sent overnight freight, got an upgrade and a repair at the same time. Thats the great thing about the Z very easy to fix if you have any skills at all.
  7. Thanks all for the input I will try the guy that can get parts from Japan.
  8. Does anyone know a source for the original style braided hoses that our cars came with. I have been looking for some time and have not found any so far. 71 240z getting a new life
  9. I didnt even look at the buyer! His post was after the selling time on my ebay clock and the time on the post, I guess was just tring to check it was a good buy. Dave
  10. I saw this on ebay this morning http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Datsun-240z-NOS-front-bumper_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQcategoryZ33640QQitemZ270103228943QQrdZ1 Item number: 270103228943 Sold for a buy it now for $500 in only a few hours hope this helps Dave
  11. I have just become the new owner of a 71 240z (series 1 car). My son and I also own a 73 240z that is to far gone to fix up, and has become a parts car. My question is has anyone removed the front rear deck tool storage pockets from a later 240 to retrofit into a series 1 car, and if yes do you have pic's? The 71 needs some bodywork and most if the interior redone, it has a l28 so it is not a No. correct car and I am not sure if I am going to keep it totally correct with the rebuild, or make it comfortable to drive with PW PL and updated seats. Thanks Dave
  12. Dave, Have not been in a z car for years, also have not heard "not enough lube used" (last time was in a z car anouther story not going to be share) in years. We lubed the bushings that had to be put into the outer contol arms (for the spindle pin) but did not lube the bushings to the sleaves supplied or the carriers on the inner control arm. Not a hard fix everything else went to smooth for a true teaching experiance. It trully helps to start with a well persurved rust free car. Thanks for the help. Dave
  13. Returning to z cars after 22 yrs. My son asked me to look at a 240sx last year with him for his first car. It had a blown moter and was in very bad shape. I showed him what a real 240z was on the computer ( thanks Google image ) and to make a long story short we flew from the great white north in Aug last year to SoCal and drove home his rust free 72 240z. He has been saving and buying parts for the full suspension rebuilt, and last weekend we started the project. On Sunday the front end got new Bushings, Shockes, Springs, Rotors, Pads, and Calipers. Monday we tackled the rear with new Shoes,
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