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  1. Shouldnt you be in bed by now?

  2. Thanks for the info. Id like to ride in a car with that set up but we live too far apart (LOL). One more thing... Do you have stock sway bars? I have a 1" in front and 7/8 in the rear. I took the rear off because it was way too harsh. So if i changed back to stock springs, ill put the rear bar back in. Gosh, so many options its hard to decide.


  3. I just read your post from last year. Im having a similar dilema with my Z. I have the Eibach springs and Illumina struts. Fun but kinda harsh. Thinking about switching to shorten stock springs and same struts. Questions for you is... Is the stock set up still somewhat sporty? No problems with such a strong strut and soft spring? Thanks for all your help.

  4. Why are you up so late? Dont you have to work tomorrow?

  5. Hey Andy, i saw Black Dragon has headlight harness and air horns for cheap. is BD a good place to shop?

  6. Wow, we have similar problems with our cars. Gas tank (i can smell vapors if the tank is full), leaking windows (both front and back) and of course, the radio. Guess thats what makes a Z car a Z car. Ill be back on tues, then work until Sun. So the first ill be able to work on it would be Mon.

    Have you ever replaced the gas vapor recovery lines inside the car?


  7. Hey Andy, Sounds like your doing alot of work on your car lately. Are you really going to put in a sound system soon? Maybe you and I could do it together? Im still not sure if i want to take out the old radio. I thought to place a new one out of sight like in the glove box or under the seat and use a remote controller. What to do. Let me know what your going to do. See ya soon. John

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