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  1. I did my struts on my 71' and just took the entire lower control arm and strut off as an assembly and over to the bench. Pop off the spring perch and swap strut cartridge. Took maybe two hours or a bit more total to do both sides. Don't forget the new bump stop or you just might find yourself changing struts again soon if they bottom out and destroy the internal valving.
  2. Ive seen a few pics of cars with those but never in person. Not sure what they are for, maybe someone knows.
  3. Hey, you could get yourself a bunch of little 4mm (think that's the size) studs and covert the oil pan to studs and nuts. Then just push the gasket up onto the studs and follow suit with the oil pan ;-)
  4. I've noticed the wood grain is not very prevalent in some areas of most wheels. mainly the ridges on the back side of the wheel for your fingers. Mostly its the back side that is not as grainy as the outer rim or front side.
  5. I run a MN47 head on my stock L24 and it is GREAT! Higher compression (running L24 flat top pistons) and more modern chamber design. I can run full 17 deg base timing and dont get any ping on California 91 pump gas. Your L26 block should already be notched for the larger valves (same as in the late E88) so this will be a direct bolt on and upgrade IMHO. They are prone to cracking between valves though due to the exhaust port liners so watch for that. But if you get a good one I would run it as a DD for sure! I would use the E88 or an Internally oiled cam from 280Z motor instead of the L24E (Maxima) cam though. The L24E cam has slightly less lift than the early L24 or later L28 cams do. But I am running the Maxima cam in my car and it performs well, just not 100% of what it could be if I had a better cam.
  6. Looks like your clutch fork is not properly seated on the pivot ball to me.
  7. Awesome pics of the JDM factory air!!!!! First closeups I have ever seen.
  8. Welcome and I love that Fairlady Z! She needs some TLC for sure though. Would it happen to have the factory AC?
  9. Anyone headed down to MSA this weekend from Northern Cali area? I'm headed down from Sacramento Friday morning with my 71' if anyone wants to meet up. Looking forward to the festivities this weekend for sure!
  10. I know this sounds simple but have you checked to see if the throttle is actually retuning to closed when you let off the gas?
  11. Woo-hoo 4:11 gears and new rear struts!!! Sooo much nicer than before, why didn't I do this sooner ;-) Now it's all set for the trip down to MSA in Socal next week, should be fun.
  12. Thanks! She's running good, keeping the carbs a bit on the rich side this time to be safe. And running a lot less advance due to the higher compression the Maxima N47 head gives me. Now in the spirit of while I'm at it I have her torn apart to change rear struts and install the 4:11 diff. Hope to have it all buttoned up tomorrow evening ;-)
  13. Well almost 6 months has gone by and I finally got my 71' back on the road.... That took longer than expected, but hey I got a LOT of things done on it over the winter slumber. Turns out my E-31 head was cracked, looks like the rear carb was running lean and I was getting detonation in #4. Not sure if that caused the crack or high heat from running lean but that was where the water leak was coming from. Replaced the head with a Maxima N47, that is in really good shape. Had to notch the block for the valves though. While I had everything apart I rebuilt the carbs, refreshed the air cleaner, radiator, intake and exhaust manifold. Runs like a champ now, but only like 10 miles on it yet. Also fabricated a pretty bitchin battery hold down seeing as I don't have the correct battery at the moment and the stock one sits all caddywhompus on it. An hour and few cents worth of scrap metal I had around the garage with a splash of left over black engine enamel and voila.... sweet battery hold down. Also refinished the steering wheel, patched and installed the original blue door panels and as a bonus I have speakers now! Took advantage of the previous owners speaker holes in the door panels to install new speakers so I could have tunes. Got both windows rolling up and down like butter too, after replacing the drivers regulator and trimming off all the knarled up channel stripping that was bunched up inside the channels. That was fun!!! Here are a couple pics for an update, don't have any handy of the interior work though. All back together and ready for a Sunday drive: Pretty Engine: Battery Hold Down (pay no attention to the nasty starter): And the splash pan I fabricated for my race car that will be donated to my 71' until I find the real deal:
  14. Yes, it should be held all over! But seeing as it's here in Cali this year and I just happen to have gotten my Z on the road I'm pretty stoked to drive it down there and put it in the show. It's the love of the cars not what coast the show on that matters.
  15. Awesome! I'll be driving my 71' down, let me know when you are planning to take off.
  16. I registered couple weeks ago and will be driving my 71' down from Sacramento! Anyone else driving down from Northern Cali or surrounding areas?
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