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  1. The vin is not from a 240z if I am not mistaken as well.
  2. I would bet money it is 74' 260z, look at the wiring and connectors in the engine compartment as well as under the dash. That with the front turn signals in the grill, who in their right mind would go through the trouble to transplant those onto a 240z!!!! This guy should be strung up by his jock strap and beaten with his own cheesy rear wing! :mad:
  3. Well I subscribed to a couple Skyline Forums with er34gtt2000jp and was just too lazy to pick a new name when I registered here. er34gtt2000jp comes from my last car I owned in Japan a 2000 R34 Skyline 25GT-t in Bayside Blue. Now I have a 75 280z 2+2 here in California.
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