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  1. I was talking about the email list. But no worries, my friend! I was going through some boxes at my parents house and found the paperwork from the tow yard.

    Alas, I run into a new problem. Is there a VIN registry on the club site? I kind of looked but I didn't see one.

    I did already check zhome.com's, doesn't seem like there are a lot of entries on it. Slimer was HLS30-63920 (got it memorized now, ha)

    Carfax and all of the other VIN searches require 17 digits. (1981 and newer) I hear that police officers are not allowed to search for the information unless they enter a reason into the system, since some of them have used it to stalk ex wives and similar stuff.

    I'm still looking through the forums to see if anyone has posted about this before. :)

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