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  1. That C10 wagon is what I'm onabout! Grab the front end sheetmetal and running gear from a GC10( or even a KGC10!) thats been rear ended and graft away! I just bet someone in Japan has done it?!
  2. Hmmm .....Sounds close to home Jerry. I'm ready when you are mate! Jim.
  3. Ahh Mikey! You put my thoughts into pictures! It's not so far fetched either. A mate in South Australia is planning on giving the 6 cylinder GT treatment to an S50 series 1500cc Prince Skyway wagon. I'm suprised I haven't seen this done to later wagon and van variants of the Skyline. Doesn't mean it hasn't been though.Take the Prince Skyline GT. Started life as an S50 series 1500cc sedan. 1963-4 Mr Shinichiro Sakurai (The driving force behind the Skyline development) and his crew grabbed the 2 litre G7 ohc six out of the S40 series Prince "Gloria" family sized sedan, added about 8 inches to the front of the 1500cc sedan, stuck the bigger engine and drivetrain in and you got the 1964 Japanese equivalent of "the Muscle Car". An interesting but largely neglected fact about the first S54 racing versions (see the popular blue number "39" and white "41") at the 1964 Japan GP is these were GTA's running the single carbied versions of the G7!! The triple webered cars or GTB's were yet to come! Sorry! wandered off a bit there ...So, how about it, anybody game for a C110 GT-R panelvan?? Maybe some photochop impressions?
  4. g72s20


    Carl, that is so "correct" it is beautiful!. It could be interpreted a few ways, but I love itLOL . It certainly is a new avenue for the show car owner who seeks to provoke thought on the perception of "originality"....how far do you go? Jim.
  5. Hi Bu , From the March 1976 parts book for Datsun 240K GT. Model C110 series Let me know if you need a close up (bigger) picture. Jim.
  6. Check your PM Arthur, also click this link and check post #5 by MURPH.
  7. It's pictures this year, words and numbers next year Alan!:classic: (thats a joke Joyce!)
  8. Thomas H Fotheringham. A nice bloke. He has a Cardomain appearance...just can't find it for the moment, I just realised I havn't spoken with him since late 2004!!
  9. http://www.classiczcars.com/forums/showthread.php?t=14128&highlight=badged I still maintain the decision (or change in direction) to go with "GL" badges("G" in Skyline code means 6 cylinder) in lieu of "GT",was a product of a combination of events, fuel crisis, the aftermath and fallout of the "Bathurst super cars" scare (if you do your homework you'll discover Evan Green was simply the original messenger there...not an instigator by any means. "MILTON MORRIS" NSW Transport Minister (May, 1965-January, 1975) was the real culprit!) June 25th 1972 musta been a slow news day...Greens' story on the "160mph factory supercars!" got the headline that day, and infamy followed. Anyway, have a read of the other thread, and dig up the magazines of the time, there was definitely some back pedalling going on...interesting parts variation though...heh! this'll never be overROFL
  10. Here's a pic of the 1975 Bathurst entered car that didn't make the cut. Thanks to Autopics Dave Blanche. Mastadd wrote.. What do you mean by a Bathurst one? ..and a pic of the Nispares (Waynes) C110
  11. 2 KGC10 GT-X GT-R lookalikes in Sydney 2 KGC10 GT-X in Victoria ..and the blue KGC10 in WA ...Oh, and a four door '68-9 model rumoured to be in Tasmania. More likely this was a Super Six or a Cedric or something in that line as they were imported here and bear a passing resemblance to the C10 sedan. There may be others lurking. At the Z cars concours last Sunday a Nissan literate type person was looking over my car and said he saw one recently at a dyno performance place in Brookvale. a customers car delivered on a trailer... in race trim! I suspect it being in race trim may have been something similar in shape...but who knows?
  12. Well I believe that's quite an achievement Lachlan. Nice work!
  13. Geez 'Drew! I didn't mean to "hide my light under a bushel":laugh: I got my 15 mins of fame in this months Unique Cars magazine...page 92:cheeky: Cheers, Jim.
  14. There's one of those in a scrapyard down here. I think its a table top though. Been there a loooong time! Make up a big "For Sale" board with the C110 details (If you can get big pics, that's good too!) on it and place it near your beaut little ute?
  15. Hey Rob!, Give it a bit of a rub'n'tub, stick a "for sale" on it and bring it along to the Inaugeral Classic Japanese car show in Strathpine on the 1st October. A concentration of interested parties along with the ready inspiration of Alfas KPGC110 lookalike just might get you what you want. I'll be there. I'll PM you about another matter:) Cheers, Jim.
  16. That's great news Jake! With thoughtful disassembly even a trashed car can hide some very useable and desirable parts. Good luck with it all:) Jim.
  17. Some great shots in there Alpha. That 620KG 300HP MightyBoy is my favourite! A supercharged 3.5litre... It's a wonder it didn't pull wheelstands!
  18. Hi Pete, If you can't get your hands on a C110 hardtop 1/24 kit, get back to me. I may be able to source some for a fellow 4 door owner! Jim.
  19. A whale tail on a 240 IS a blemish! :laugh: ...and a P76 is a Leyland, not a Chrysler. A bit hard without pics but start low , say 12-15 hundred?
  20. g72s20

    car meet

    Works OK for me. Try this below I'd love to go but I'd have to catch the really early bus!
  21. G'day Pete, ..and welcome! Jim in Sydney, Australia here. We have a sub forum for the C110 here! You'll find guys from all over the planet with C10 and C110 and C210 series Skylines drop in here. This is a cool Z Car site that the Z guys are good enough to share a bit of webspace with us "other Nissan Datsun" owners. It started life as a 240K forum 'cause that's what we knew them as in Australia. Perhaps we should be calling it the "Any C series" Skyline forum now? Pictures, pictures...show us ya pictures Pete! Cheers, Jim.
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