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  1. For Sale, Triple 45mm DCOE Webers

    Extremely rare these days, these three matching 4mm DCOR Webers with polished manifold, linkages and trumpets to suit Nissan L Series. Webers have been well looked after and tuned by CnJ Motorsports in Brisbane. Currently runs 2.9L L Series with Aggressive Cam. Specs are as follows.

    32 venturis

    200 Air correctors

    F16 Emulsion

    120 Mains

    Currently Running on the car so they are viewable in working order, the sound is amazing. Asking 3k ono - Gold Coast


  2. I know...believe me i know...I'll miss my baby, but i have a baby over here now (of the female variety) and i just cant afford to bring Moby over...unless anyone knows of a shipping service that will do it for 2k :P

  3. What car are u using.

    Ive found the following are the best hence i keep them all in my garage

    General Racing - Corolla AE86

    Drag - Tiburon (unbelieveable but true. Kills anything else! 9 sec 1/4)

    Drift - Peugeot 206 (just slides around like nothing else with just lvl 1 upgrades, make sure you take the tyres down to half grip on the rear)

    Of course ppl will disagree with me, and im sure no one will believe the Tiburon, but ive played a fair bit of it, and i never loose....

  4. i 147 Hp? from 46 Psi, these numbers dont sound right...for starters that shounds like a arse load of boost, and you getting pratically no torque or power.

    I dont wanna start another dyno debate either, but numbers shouldnt be this far out. I would espect these numbers if you didnt have a turbo bolted on.

    Am i missing somehting?

  5. I guess its an americn thing not to like transplanting JZ engines, as they take alot of work and are not as popular as they are in australasian countries. But you wont find a better/stronger 6cyl than a 2JZ, and i dont wanna start a debate, but there is a reason they can handle 800hp with stock bottoms. And as some of you may know, an RB25 contains a stronger bottom end than a Rb26.....suprising yes.

    For an NA 6, only the BMW m3 motor is greater than the 2JZ-GE, and the 2JZ-GTE...well thats crazy power.

    So no more refering to toyota engines as $^!#..

    Youve been warned...

  6. .....thats.....umm.....nice.... ROFL

    Does anyone have the local asylum number?

    I can see you have put some effort into this, but, i really think you need to get out more...its just strange...im sorry....

  7. Haha as long as you dont glare at me if i come slighlty sideways around a corner and then wave at you driving a fellow Z (yes this happend once...Z drivers in QLD arnt that friendly)

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