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  1. ............................ not to mention his rallye clock! ! ! !
  2. Hey man, I do understand the feelings you have (been there, done that); you reminded me OF me in my younger years. Looking back, I wish I had just enjoyed what I had instead of letting the negitive stuff affect me as much as it did. If he does forget, realize that there will come a time that HE wishes he hadn't forgotten. HIS LOSS.
  3. you don't even KNOW that he forgot it (yet) Maybe he has/hasn't, but........... maybe he has other things to worry about at the moment. You can remember to "forget" his b-day if you need to get "payback". Face it, the world doesn't revolve around you, or your birthday. Enjoy it for what it means to YOU. IOW, don't let something bum you on your day, concentrate on enjoying it the best that you can. Maybe after a few more birthdays you'll realize that your b-day is just like any other day to most people and you cannot control who remembers or cares about it. There likely will come a time wh
  4. much like bird flu, lame humor seems to be rampant. :eek:
  5. in another thread, somewhere on this website, someone claimed that even the fenders purchased from Nissan are no longer manufactured by Nisssan. I believe the claim was made that ALL new fenders (including Nissan OEM purchased) are manufactured by other than OEM sources. I can't find the thread, but it wasn't posted too long ago.
  6. Mike B, Thanks for all of those pictures! Great to have them available for reference!
  7. That image was done by Jerry Lynn, the same talented guy who does most (if not all) of the images that appear on the Home Page here. http://www.classiczcars.com/photopost/showgallery.php?cat=500&ppuser=1703 See Page 5 "Z Monster". There are many other cool designs by Jerry in his gallery
  8. I'm not sure if anything has changed in the last few years, but I was involved in an accident in 1998, and the CA Highway Patrol assigned fault (by percentage) to myself and to the driver of the other car. EDIT: I just found the accident report and it was in 1997, and Percentages were not used, but two of the three parties (each in separate vehicles) involved were listed as "causes" of the accident for being in violation of laws.
  9. Yeah, I noticed that too, but everything else looks correct. Not sure where I got that scan, it could have been posted to CZCC sometime in the past. My F.S.M. and it shows 3 spacers and 3 balls per groove, which is what you stated (total of 12 spacers and 12 balls), and is what I remember from when I took apart an axle. I still have the parts, but no boot or clamps. Where did you get your boots & how much did they cost?
  10. Now you just have to convince every other a$$hole that drives or parks near your car to follow Rule #1. I came out from a movie theatre to find that some jerk had hit the front of my car. Bumper looked like a "W" instead of a "U", hood was bent, headlight scoops badly cracked, BRE Spook busted too.
  11. yes,.....and Toyota is there now as well.
  12. I used to get emails from THIS place that frequently showed kits for engine rebuilds.
  13. many people do that. IMO the car will look better, BUT you will lose virtually ALL protection. The 240 bumpers fold up SO easy it isn't funny. Big trade off, so think about it and go into it with your eyes open.
  14. edit, nevermind, i think the 280 tach is different than the 240 one.
  15. What kind of Z do you have? Year? don't think you'll find Bilsteins for a 240Z, I've contacted Bilstein N.A. and they weren't able to find a distributor that still has any, and they haven't been made for years. Koni's....maybe. But you'll spend a good bit more $$$
  16. Sorry to hear of your misfortune, however; keep in mind that FAULT is not always 100% on one party. It is often assigned to both, or multiple parties. Unfortunately this looks one of those cases IMO. Get a copy of the Accident Report then if necessary, you can choose to fight whatever determination is made in court.
  17. ......comes from China, etc. by way of Wal-Mart. America, watch out indeed! :paranoid:
  18. I've always considered it an "N", and I've seen that style of keyhead in an old 1971 Sunny (1200 in the USA)
  19. Wasn't it an article on refurbishing the Headlight Switch?
  20. Guys, Sure PayPal might be a little more convenient for us, but Dave has plenty on his plate, and has done and is doing a great service for us and our cars. Even where I live (boonies) money orders aren't too tough or expensive to purchase. Let's let him run his business the way he wants and/or needs to. $.02
  21. Here is another resource that might be of interest to someone doing this j.o.b. Half Shaft Reference Diagram.pdf
  22. "checking" the voltage of the battery isn't enough to eliminate it as a possible source of the problem. below are the first few steps that I would take: 1. remove both battery cables, and clean the terminals VERY well. 2. have the battery LOAD TESTED at a local parts store or auto shop. Charge/replace as required. The clicking you hear is probably the starter solenoid trying to engage the starter drive gear. PS Many local parts stores can test your starter if you bring it in to them.
  23. 1 Q, If you fill the gooves with grease, how can you force the spacers and balls down into these grooves? Or maybe a better Q is, Where does all the grease in the grooves go when you're forcing the spacers and balls down into this grease? Did clamps come with the boots, or ? I had heard tha the OEM style metal clamps were not available, so I was planning on using large nylon Zip Ties as a substitute.
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