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  1. Ron, Please email Barry at the email address on the ad: bfinck51@gmail.com. He still has them, but I merely posted the ad for him.
  2. Complete matched set of nearly NOS 1979-1983 Datsun/Nissan 280ZX 4 spoke Iron Cross wheels with center caps and chrome bolts. I purchased them from dealer parts department around 1978. They were pulled from a new car by the dealer (owner wanted wire baskets). They were never re-installed and have been in my garage almost 40 years. They should also fit earlier Datsun 280Z as that was the car I was going to install them onto. However, I traded the car for a new 280ZX and kept them as backup wheels in case of theft. A set of NOS center caps can go for as much as $250 on ebay. A very worn set of rims with center caps goes for about $300 plus shipping. I was quoted $890 for a refinished set (they are currently out of stock and don’t expect replacement for months) plus tax and shipping and would not include the bolts. These are like new. Asking $750. Barry - bfinck51@gmail.com
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