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    1973 240Z

    I'm Putting out feelers for my 1973 240Z. Bare metal Respray 8 years ago and has been in storage since. Has never been rusty. All new bushings, struts, springs, etc Please email me directly for pics. Car is located in Central NJ joedatsun@hotmail.com
  2. My L28et after re-doing the bottom end. L28 crank, L24 rods with AZC forged pistons. Rotating assembly has been balanced, and crank polished. I'm using a P90 head and a 2mm head gasket to keep the CR to 8.5/1.
  3. It's the stock blue, I think 115?
  4. I'm not sure if they are Torino I or II's. They are both no older than two years old. I used the sliders from the stock seats and some flat 1/8 steel to adapt them to the seats. It's a tight fit for sure. I removed both adjusting knobs and the left shoulder bolster just touches the door when closed.
  5. Sparco Torino install using orig. seat tracks
  6. The wheels are 17x7 Konig Imagine w/ 225-45-17 Falken Azenis. Thanks for the nice words. Joe
  7. suspension is next
  8. joedatsun

    left front

    installed bullet mirror
  9. woodzcar- I've been considering the same seats. Have you installed them yet ?
  10. Wow! you can tell that from just looking at one crappy photo, I'm impressed!
  11. joedatsun


    When you gonna get that driveway done there, J.B.?
  12. joedatsun

    body primed

    Body primed, Front and cowl POR 15 'ed.
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