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  1. Here's a pic if the front a pillar on my '73 after getting it back from the media blaster. I never realized there was lead there!
  2. joedatsun

    rear corner

    Only good surprises after blasting. no bondo at all! This car spent its whole life in NJ/NY, I can't believe how clean it is.
  3. Everything except the interior is going to brought down to bare metal using plastic media. I'm not a purist but the car is so original we are going to do a the stock blue metallic w/ a epoxy primer base. The original motor/trans is going to be pulled and set aside. It will be replaced w/ a mild turbo set-up w/ sds management.
  4. I bought the car from thr original owner at an estate sale. Car has been in the garage since last registered in 1980. I also have all the recipts going back to the first oil change at dealership in 1973. Not many z's have survived without major restoration/repair on the east coast with 141,000 or 241,000 miles, trust me.
  5. Off to the media blaster
  6. 240zx- You must be using coil-overs to run 8" wide in front and 9" in the rear, right?
  7. We found this car at an estate sale in Brooklyn NY. It had been sitting in a garage since 1981.
  8. joedatsun

    Flat tops

    original flat tops and heat wrap around fuel lines
  9. joedatsun


    Alcantara is actually a synthetic suede if i'm not mistaken. It was an option on my Audi S4 seats.
  10. I've had some of the same symtoms with my tach. Sometimes it works, other times it shows half of the actual RPMs. I'm going to pull it over the weekend to see what's loose (if anything).
  11. Do any of the vendors sell a coil over setup which already includes shortened strut tubes etc. I have seen plenty of kits. I would like to keep my current tubes intact for future reference.
  12. joedatsun

    Dead tach

    The tach in my '73 was working intermittently. Sometimes I would have to tap on the front of the gauge to wake it up, but now it doesn't move at all. All the wires at the coil are connected and look good. The last time it worked it died after reaching 2500 rpms . Is it dead? Thanks!
  13. I need one (or more) 15x7 0 offset enkei 92 wheels. All colors and conditions considered.Please email at lahieres@patmedia.net Thanks, JCC
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