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  1. 75mt280z

    clutch fork won't move

    Ok. Thank you for the info, you are helpful. I will test the cylinder rod. Like you say, the fork should be fine. It's something with the pressure of the cylinders I am sure.
  2. 75mt280z

    clutch fork won't move

    The pedal doesn't engage the clutch there is no force at all. I can press the pedal to the floor but it won't go in any gear at all. When the engine is off, the lever goes into all gears without the pedal. The old master cylinder was bone dry, that is why I replaced both cylinders for if the hydraulic system is running good, there wouldn't be any leaks. The old clutch was worn down to metal, no ceramic left, that is why I replaced that. Fork is installed correctly on the ball and greased to what was recommended. Could it just be the throw out bearing collar? I did all the work myself, and all parts on the input shaft were moving correctly before I had put the tranny back on. Now the fork is stuck just the same as before I had done anything at all to it.
  3. 75mt280z

    clutch fork won't move

    Before I had replaced anything, everything had run fine. One day the clutch pedal lost all its pressure and the clutch fork was stuck in the disengaged position. Replaced everything in the clutch system except the fork. And it is still stuck in the same position. Yes when I had the tranny out, the collar and fork and bearing all moved on the input sleeve with ease.
  4. 75mt280z

    clutch fork won't move

    Has anyone figured this out? I had the same problem with the stock clutch. It just stopped working. I started with replacing both cylinders, nothing changed. I then dropped the tranny and installed new pilot bearing, clutch, and throw out bearing, I know I reinstalled the clutch fork correctly, cause I triple checked. Put it back together and it still wouldn't move. What the hell is wrong?
  5. 75mt280z



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