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  1. 17 hours ago, ArcticFoxCJ said:

    So I just got my L28 block back and the 2 things I need are an oil gallery screen that apparently disintegrated, and oversize pistons because it was bored .50mm over.

    I found a set of pistons that are .020" oversize, and I just wanted to do a sanity check... .5mm equates to 0.01968504 in, so I feel safe buying these.  Does anyone know of any gotchas I should be worried about?

    Whenever I have had engine block work done, I have given the machine shop the cylinder block, complete rotating assembly (crankshaft, connecting rods, damper pulley, flywheel and clutch cover). The machinist sourced and fitted the pistons. 

    The machinist and I had a clear understanding of what I wanted, including the piston configuration.

    I was given everything after the work was completed, including rings and bearings, and prior to assembly I checked bearing clearances and ring end gaps.

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  2. 20 minutes ago, Deltron540 said:

    Can anyone decern if the cup side of the cup seal on the piston rod is facing toward the coil spring side or the valve body? I am currently rebuilding mine and the service manual does not specify orientation. 

    In any hydraulic system the cup  side of a seal faces the pressure of the system. That way the pressure forces the seal against the bore and rod.

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  3. On 5/17/2022 at 6:27 PM, Terrapin Z said:

    Thanks, as you well know, in Washington there are a lot of rusty cars. The other half has been garaged all this time and are in great shape. An interesting mix of extremes. 

    This lot and five more out of the shot. Plus another 4-5 that are already striped and scraped. I seem to gravitate to the rusty, less expensive ones. Other than my personal car. 


    Your boneyard looks a bit more tidy than mine.C54AAE35-6946-4B93-8760-4F4AB028D14D.jpeg

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  4. Since we all seem to be traveling down motorcycle memory lane, here is one of mine.

    A 1977 Honda Hawk, bought brand new shortly after college.

    Still have it but haven’t ridden it in a very long time.F000C96F-01A0-4B35-933E-A6ED2088AA55.jpeg


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  5. 13 hours ago, Jeff Berk said:

    I put the "wood" PXL_20210926_195854735.jpgsteering wheel on my 260z but it was too thin for my tastes. I purchased an old Nissan wheel with heavily deteriorated foam covering and made a black walnut steering wheel out of it.  

    There is a guy on Ratsun, who lives in Texas, that has made a few wood rims for steering wheels. It is a fairly straightforward process. Make a circular jig for a router, select a nice cut of wood, rout the two halves, glue them onto the rim, and finish the wood. 

    One he laminated several different types of wood stained different colors. It looks awesome. He even made a matching shift knob.

    Check it out here: https://ratsun.net/topic/78921-diy-steering-wheels/#comment-1700673

  6. 13 hours ago, siteunseen said:

    Thanks Cliff.

    So this site lists, but doesn’t really describe the differences in the green and blue dyed 100 octane avgas. I did find a Shell avgas site that does.

    So the green dyed avgas is an older formulation that has tetra ethyl lead in it, and the blue dyed avgas has a lower amount of lead in it than the green dyed fuel, hence, the “LL” designation.

    Sheesh, I learn something new everyday.


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  7. 2 hours ago, siteunseen said:

    I was buying ethyl I guess. Ran like nitrous, much colder. Carbs would frost up late in the day.


    Looks like the green must be unleaded. I always go for the highest grade at the pump when I go to the airport to buy fuel, and 100LL (100 octane low lead) is usually the highest grade.

    I’ll need to have a look when I go next time, and see if they have the unleaded.


  8. 25 minutes ago, siteunseen said:

    I used to run that in my boat, seems like it was 110 octane and was twice price of pump gas for cars. Is it still green?


    It is dyed so it can readily identified by the tax cops looking for people who are trying to avoid road taxes.

    The racing gasoline I used to buy is dyed purple.

    Off road diesel (for tractors and heavy machinery) is dyed red for the same reason.



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  9. 30 minutes ago, psdenno said:

    For the first time in the 51 years I've been pumping gas into the tank of my 240Z, today it got to try some $6.09 a gallon gasoline.  It's got to be better than the 25¢ a gallon gas I used to give it in 1971.

    The racing fuel I was using in my race Z usually ran $8 to $10 a gallon. Eventually I went to the local airport and picked up 100 octane low lead for about $6 a gallon.

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  10. The 280Z steering wheels I have are covered in leather, and the rim cross section is about twice the diameter of the faux wood wheels that came on the 240Z.

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