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  1. that you tube channel of mins (resto for beginners) is good, he really goes into a lot of detail.

    1. rcb280z


      Yes he does. Good to see.

  2. That snap ring nearly did me in LOL


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    2. Mark Maras

      Mark Maras

      So how did you get it out? A magnet? Drop the whole assembly onto a piece of wood and jar it loose? Beer?

       When you get it torn down and are cleaning the parts, resist the temptation to slide your fingers on the edges of the parts when handling. You can end up with tiny cuts on your fingertips that resemble paper cuts.The cuts can make reassembling the trans. a literal pain.

    3. Dave WM

      Dave WM

      Getting broken part out was easy after I got the snap ring off with the modified pliers, it was trapped (slightly cone shaped) so as soon as the ring backed off it just fell out. I am going to hold up on a full tear down, the plan now is to just replace that gear (from zed head) and put it back together, I really want to just see how it works before I dig deep into it. My confidence is improving but the near disaster with the snap ring shook me a bit. If that custom ground pliers idea would have failed I am not sure what would have worked.

    4. Mark Maras

      Mark Maras

       If everything is within tolerances or close to it, go for it. There was a good discussion about gear oil a couple of months back. You might do a search or ask the members.

       My personal experience was the first Z trans I took apart (1975) to cure grinding going into 2nd and 3rd. When I got it apart synchros looked NEW, inside and out. Replaced them with new synchros that looked the same as the orig. Put it back together and it shifted great.  Never believed the new synchros were the reason it shifted better. Then, the discussion a few months ago when it dawned on me (41 years later) that the difference in shifting could have been a different gear oil than what was in it, not the new parts. I now think I could have just changed the gear oil in that first trans and accomplished the same thing. There is apparently enough difference in gear oils to affect shifting.

       Evidently, many of the modern gear oils are not compatible with brass (yellow metal) synchros to the point of pitting the brass.


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