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  1. I just came across another one. I'm looking at a 1982 GMC Caballero which is essentially a 1982 Chevrolet El Camino branded as a GMC. This would replace my daily driver Ford Ranger. That's the one PO put the stickers on that seem to cause Moonpup so much consternation no matter how many times I tell the stroy but I digress. Anyway, a Caballero is literally a 'horseman' in Spanish but the generally accepted meaning is 'gentleman'. There was a trim packacge available on the GMC Caballero known as the 'Diablo'. Thankfully (I think) the one I'm looking at doesn't have that package. But, in my limited Spanish, a Caballero Diablo is a 'gentleman devil'??

  2. Camaro, El Camino, and Corvette are some other peculiar names GM had. There is no dictionary definition of "Camaro" but it is probably some kind of Spanish term for a wild horse, like Mustang would be. The same goes for El Camino. Corvette was borrowed from the fast naval ship, but doesn't mean anything to us Americans otherwise.
    I've heard the story of Corvette being name after a Italian warship but I've never heard of Camaro having any type of translation. Always though it was just a 'made up' word. El Camino tranlates 'the road' or 'the way' in Spanish IIRC.
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