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  1. I had a difficult time finding the correct caps for those wheels 11 years ago. Nissan no longer has them. I bought mine from Nismoparts.com back then but a couple of years later when someone else I know was looking for a set, nismoparts.com didn't have any more. And, they're not '240Z alloy wheels'. They were an optional alloy wheel for the 260Z/280Z most often seen on the 78 Black Pearl Edition.



  2. Thanks for the clarifications, Art. I'm sure that with a little encouragement (or arm-twisting?) from some people here, we can get the first few owners to write about their cars, and then others will want to do theirs too! I can think of a few straight away-

    Kats, Blue, ZKarz, SBlake...

    I sold the Z 4½ years ago.........
  3. This company is a joke and took over 3 weeks to finally tell me they sent the part to the wrong address. Then blamed the Post office and never sent me the part
    That's way less time than the 3 1/2 years or so that have passed since anyone posted in this thread.:classic:
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