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  1. Try Summit Racing. They have a good assortment of mufflers including their own brand which are very good for the price. I have one on my 64 L320 and one on my 79 810. They aren't loud but you can hear them when you get on it. If memory serves me correctly they are only $14.75 each for a 2 1/4" or 2 1/2" center/offset which is what a Z uses. Stephen Blakeney 1979 810 2dr 1978 280Z coupe 1964 L320 pickup
  2. When I bought my 78 in 1997, it had the same problem. The previous owner thoght it had major problems since you basically lose that cylinder. He sold it to me for $275! I fixed the rocker, adjusted the valves and checked to find that it had full compression! It's paint was faded so i had it painted, 'iron cross' wheels which I had stacked in the garage, sheepskins, a stereo, and that's basically it to this day! Take a look at it in my gallery. Stephen Blakeney 1978 280 1979 810 2dr. 1964 L320 Pickup
  3. After further research, I have verified that the 810 2dr was only available from 7/78 to 9/79. I went back and found the January 1979 Road and Track which has a road test on the 79 810 coupe. It was not avaialble as a 77 or 78. The were only available in 79 and early 80 although the 80's were actually late 79's. The 80 810/Maxima had a more rectangular design. I have done considerable research on these cars. I looked for one for over 6 years before buying the one I presently own. I have parts lists, manuals, magazine articles, ads, etc. I know pretty much what parts are available and what parts aren't. I had to order my outer window squeeges from Rare Spares in Australia! They were actually for a 200B coupe which is the Australian version of the 810. But, anyway, that 810 coupe that Victor speaks of that is listed as a 78 has to be a 79. I have attached a picture of my 79 810 2dr. Steve Blakeney 1979 810 2dr 1978 280Z coupe 1964 L320 Pickup
  4. You can see a 79 810 2dr in my gallery on this site. It looks like the one Victor described. Mahogany metallic (#609), 5 spd, etc. Mine runs, quite well, however. It only has 80000 original miles. I paid $500 for it, had it painted, did the little bit of mechanical work it needed and it runs like a charm. The only real problem it had was cold start. That was easy because anything that could come up on this car I have already dealt with on my Z. This car is my daily driver. I don't like the bumpers either but the cost of purchasing the thinner bumpers and hardware from the U.K. or Australia might be somewhat prohibitive. Steve Blakeney 1979 810 sport coupe 1978 280Z coupe 1964 L320 Pickup
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    "Heart of a Z" liscense plate
  6. For information on these cars go to http://www.spl212.com. Edgar Gonzales who runs this site has one of the cleanest examples of this car that you will ever see.
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    My 1978 280Z

    This is a picture of my Z. It is basically stock. It has a 'Turbo' cam cover, Accel Super Coil, dual oil filters, K&N air filter, polished 1980 ZX rims, air dam, rear spoiler and louvers, bra, Flowmaster, etc.
  8. until
    Where: Nissan Of San Bernardino 735 W. Showcase Dr. South San Bernardino, Ca. 909 885 3883 When: March 13, 2004 Time: 10:00 am to 2:00 pm Cost: $10 registration fee T-shirt free with registration This event for all Datsun/Nissan Z Cars Trophys in OEM and modified classes, Best of Show, Best in progress. Food and beverages available on site. Music by DJ Ray. 20% discount on parts on day of show.
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