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    My lifelong love affair with Z cars:

    1976 280Z RedBird - Purchased 12/14 One owner, Arizona car.
    1971 240Z Redwing - Origional owner - 10/15 Sold, to be restored.

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  1. Dirty word...dirty word...dirty word...  Life sucks hard!  I've lost my status of NEVER having an accident.

    Due to steering wheel being tough to turn at zero speed, and stress about semi, Redbird met a sign pole by mistake.

    My insurance will cover 100% of the repairs because I have met the deductible.  No $ will come out of my pocket for repair.  I guess that is the best part.  What I need from you my friends, is places the parts needed can be found.  I'd  like to hand that info to the repair shop.  I'm  going to see if I can get them to have the parts on hand before I turn her in.     

    To say I am severely depressed is putting it mildly. I hate to see my pride and joy in this condition.  Know that feeling???




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    2. siteunseen


      Just checked my notifications and saw this. I've replied to Mikes thread about your unfortunate accident.

      Jai you gotta quit drinking that Georgia 'shine! ROFL

    3. thumpgun


      I'm so sorry your car is hurt. Good luck with it. Take care!


    4. Redwing


      Hi All,

      I'm taking RedBird in tomorrow for an adjuster to write up the work and parts needed for her repair.  I have finally healed enough now from food poisoning, that I can actually rejoin the living and start this process.  I'll  be asking for you all to help me figure parts numbers and where they can be found.  

      Urgently need insight as to obscure parts that may be affected, so nothing is overlooked.  Steering, rack & pinion, those areas behind the headlight, bumper braces, on and on.  Will my rim and tire be damaged, even tho they look all right?  My lack of knowledge of parts names leaves me high and dry.  I don't want the the body shop to only "make her look good".  They have to be made to completely do right by her, nothing missed.

      The Black Bear Festival here in Chatsworth is set for Oct. 21, YAY!   I must have my gal all spruced  up and her Red Dancing Shoes on, for us to attend.  Golly, RedBird sure likes to go to car shows, I don't want to let her down.  And this year, Lissa will be joining us for the festivities!  I can hardly wait.  Onward...

      Thanks for all your help guys...  you are THE BEST!

      Jai   :love:


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