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  1. A few other things to keep in mind and this goes for owning and driving any vintage car. Keep a small tool kit, jumper cables, and a good fire extinguisher in the car at all times. Things can happen and they do. Better to have it and not need it than the other way around.

    Since you want to drive the car I echo what everyone else has suggested. Do a complete bumper to bumper fluid change, pull the gas tank, clean it it out, inspect and replace all rubber lines for all components, and don't get in a hurry. You will have to order parts, wait on parts, things won't go as planned etc. At the end of the day you want the car to be safe and not present a danger to you or others around you. Getting the basics taken care of will be a great education and provide a solid foundation for your restoration plans moving forward.

    I've already figured that this is a project that's gonna take a long time before its done, so its worth it just to be patient. Just like any other restoration. I'm fully prepared for the Z to sit for a while haha. I just recently bought a Kobalt toolkit w/ all the metric and standard sockets, and combination wrenches. That's probably all I need for right now.

  2. First of all, I am very new to this forum haha. There has been a late-build 1969 240z in my family ever since my grandpa bought it brand new in 1969. It sat for 30 years, mostly outside in southern California. It only has 83,xxx miles on it! My family doesn't want to get rid of the car, however nobody, except for me, is interested in restoring it or fixing it up. As for me, I am 16 years old and a HUGE car enthusiast. Im the only one in the family who wants the 240 to fix up. My aunt and uncle recently brought the car to my house in Palm Springs.

    This is how the car looked when it arrived:


    My plan is to restore the car, and do some mods to it. Me being 16, I am a huge fan of the JDM car scene, and stanced cars. However that is NOT my intention for this car. I have too much respect for the 240z to ruin it like that.

    The car has rust. A LOT, mostly by the rear decklid. I assume that when it would rain, water would collect up at the bottom and sit. There are some pics of it above. There is also rust on the bumpers. I already removed the rear bumper to examine it closer. The exhaust is very rusted too.

    I know for a fact that the wheels are not original, I think they might be dealer installed. The tires are some brand I've never herd of, and they're very cracked from sitting.

    The motor (just like all other l24's) is bulletproof and in good condition. The 4 speed tranny shifts alright, and pops out of 3rd gear. Apparently it did that ever since they bought it xD. I drive it around my community every once in a while. The fuel in it is very old and probably bad. I'm also gonna do an oil change soon. I am not sure about the condition of the clutch. The most recent thing I've done is replace the battery.

    The interior is in ok condition. It has no a/c, which is a b*** in the desert. The vinyl passenger seat has only one tear in it and the driver seat is a lot worse. The carpet in the back needs to be replaced. Only one speaker works and sounds terrible, as expexted haha. The tach and speedo both don't work, and I'm not sure whats wrong, or how to replace them.

    Thank you guys for reading and I would love any advice! I will be posting updates on the car.:D















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