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  1. Dmcco280z

    1977 280Z

    Previous owner removed radio had in box also had original steel wheels and covers. Now has original wheels and radio back in car. All original. Defroster still works.
  2. Dmcco280z

    1977 280Z

    Yup, that's what it looked like originally. This one was and is always parked in the garage or has a sun shade it the windshield when parked. It is clean.
  3. Dmcco280z

    1977 280Z

    The original owner purchased it before he was married and drove it for about three years. Once the family got bigger, the car got parked in the garage. He rarely drove it after that, but kept it registered. The underside looks about as good as the top. The shop (Rising Sun Performance, Fort Worth, TX) that services my cars said that this was the cleanest example of a 280Z that they had seen in 30 years.
  4. Dmcco280z

    1977 280Z

    Yup, it looks just like this and yes, the hood closes. The car is a one owner, purchased and driven approximately 25k miles and garaged for 20 years, literally. I removed a 1991 inspection sticker from the windshield when I acquired it in 2011. Recharged the AC with R-12, new plug wires, cap, rotor and plugs, flushed and change all fluids. Since then, it has been cleaned and driven on a routine basis for 1500-2000 miles a year.
  5. Dmcco280z

    1977 280Z

    1977 280Z -35K miles, 5-speed, factory AC, 305 Blue with black interior. $15,000. PM or email to dmccollam@sbcglobal.net
  6. For sale: 1983 280ZX Turbo, black with tan leather interior, gold accent package, 52K original miles with all factory options. Everything works, garage kept East Coast car. No rust, no wrecks, adult owned. Runs great! Asking $17,500. More photos available on request, PM or email to dmccollam@sbcglobal.net. In response to comments and/or questions: Car was originally sold in New Jersey and moved to Florida in the early 2000s. Was in or around the Coral Gables area for most of that time. I initially saw the Turbo 280ZX for sale in 2011 and contacted the owner (2nd) of the car. He told me at that time that he had purchased the car through a local classic dealership. He wanted to sell, but at the last minute his wife nixed the sale. He agreed with me that he would contact me if he ever wanted to sell. In the Spring of 2016, the man contacted me and told me he was ready to sell the Turbo. I purchased from him and had it transported to Texas. I have serviced the car, changes belts, hoses, anti-freeze, thermostat, radiator cap, cap, rotor, plug wires, plug and replace the coil with an NOS factory Turbo coil (NLA from Nissan), Nissan clutch master cylinder and Nissan turbo clutch slave cylinder. This car has the following factory items: Gold accent package, cruise control, headlight washers, heated side mirrors, leather interior package, electric door lock, power windows, AM/FM digital stereo, digital dash, auto climate control, and t-tops. All of these items work as intended. It does not have any defects of which I am aware. It was serviced by an expert Nissan shop in Fort Worth, Texas-Rising Sun Performance. It presently has approximately 52.5K miles on the odometer. It runs great and looks great. It is free of rust, being garaged including during my ownership and includes a fitted Covercraft, cotton canvas cover. Beyond the information above, I represent what you see in the pictures. It is as represented. The photos are from Florida. It can be seen in person in Fort Worth, Texas, or I will make photographs in my drive or with a suitable back drop, if required. I had a 280Z for sale on the site recently; however, it seemed that many questioned why it had faded carpet or didn't have the original radio, etc. I offer this narrative to help describe condition. This car is original to the best of my knowledge, except for wear items and tires.
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