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  1. Ok. Dday is tomorrow. Im removing the valve cam and connecting an air compressor to cylinder number 4 to keep the valve from falling. Any caution or consideration i should take in the process. I really need a guide in order to get this thing right change the seals and avoid opening any pandora box, sort of a step 1 , 2 and 3 guide.
  2. Ok. Question: why does it gets oily and dark when the car is idling for long periods while the other dont?
  3. So theres no other way out other than changing the seals?
  4. Unfortunately i havent been able to change the valve seals. I did took the car for a spin on sunday under very light traffic and when removing spark plugs 4 and 6 did noticed any oil on them. Maybe i should leave the car idling for 10 or stop and go traffic so the oil is indeed present. Any thoughts? First 3 pics is sp 4 and last one is 6.
  5. I need to buy this spring retainer prior to anything. Which brand would you recommend or will this one suffice? What happens if the valve falls and i need to take the cylinder head out? Should i also order some bolts and extra gaskets to complete this job successfully?
  6. Im trying to get the spring retainer locally and an air compressor to keep the valve from falling.
  7. What are the risks of going the easy way and remove the complete head cylinder instead?
  8. Ok. Ill go for it. Hope i dont mess the engine. I thought that since i bought the whole kit of valve seals taking the head out and replacing them was better.
  9. Thanks man. I really think the seal is broken or damaged. I already checked and swapped 2 distributor caps and spark plug 4 still gets fouled even after replacing it with a hotter one such as bp5es
  10. Hard accelerating for 40 mins on highway, parked the car and have the following resultd cyl 4 ,5 and 6. Spark plug on cyl 4 shows a lot of difference.
  11. Okay. I found this picture inside california bill's nissan & datsun ohc engine book as guidance. My 4th plug looks as C.
  12. Would you recommend a final test drive and take the plugs out after leaving the car idling for more than 20 mins?
  13. Spark plug number 5 and 4 oily. This is a hotter plug bp5es.
  14. Well since i bought all the complete valve seal set i believe its better to change them all, so ill guess the head must be removed. What kind of hassle. Mechanic here is charging US$200 for removing the head.
  15. How hard could it be to replace only number 4 seal? Any step by step tutorial to to this safely without taking the carbs and head out of the engine?
  16. He is blaming the spray can. He says that spray can was old.
  17. I was in need of straightening, restoring and painting my orange air filter box in my 72 240z. Unfortunately, the guy that painted the metal box did not tried his best by messing up the finish and wasted all the orange 240z spray. Do you guys think i can get that same stock factory orange color at any paint shop or do i really need to buy 2 bottles of spray can from the US?
  18. Its not about cost. Its about local availability. I paid 21 for this master clutch and 15 for the slave. I hope it lasts a couple of years. I only use this car on sundays.
  19. Tried looking for NABCO made in Japan and its quite difficult. Should i also replace the hose?
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