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  1. James, Hi my name is Christopher Trace, my pending order Number: 176041, could you please assign me any  salesperson other than Andrew? I really can not afford to have him screw up my order, I don't trust him.

    I'm sorry if this is an inconvenience but it's a big order, at least for me it is.



  2. Hi Bill,

    Does your 280zxt shaft look like the pictures of my 83 shafts, specifically the 3 groups of 2 holes on the adapter flanges?

    How much do you want?



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    2. grannyknot


      Bill, half shaft just arrived, again thanks.

      Those SOBs at UPS charged me another $46 at the door before releasing it to me.default_angry.png

      Should have gone with USPS.


    3. black gold man

      black gold man

      Fast   What did they say the charge was for.  That don't sound right . Maybe import a tax.


    4. grannyknot


      That is par for the course up here, that's why we always prefer USPS, my fault, I know better.

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