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  1. After much disappointment, for an unknown reason, the ZStory  header/exhaust did not fit my car so I returned it for a refund. There was no clearance at the trans crossmember and a header primary was touching my steering rod. There is much debate about this on Facebook group DPAN, whether my car is bent, the welder made a mistake, etc.


    I got a refund and will be installing the Fujitsubo system soon. So far everything fits like a glove, plenty of space around the header. I'll upload photos when the install is finished.

  2. 10 hours ago, zKars said:

    Thinking too hard here guys. Just take a hose off one carb, and put it in a cup, and try cranking the motor and see what you get for volume. If you get a decent stream, try putting your finger over the end of the hose and see if you can build up pressure. You should not be able to hold the pressure back without making a squirty mess. It's not about pressure, or flow, but both. 


    I've disconnected the hoses from the carbs plenty of times. Not even a trickle.

  3. 2011 was the end of my starter marriage.

    Time for a new toy! [I also bought a 2008 Z51 C6]

    I searched craigslist for a Z within a 300 mile radius of Augusta, GA for months. I finally found one, 1973, decent looking in the photos, for $4000. It was a 2.5 hour drive up to Greenville, SC. The PO bought the car from a Datsun dealer in 1976. He said it was the longest relationship of his life. Daily driven in the 70s and 80s, locked in storage for the following two decades. He said, "I tried to sell her once before, and the guy showed up, but I had to send him away."

    He handed me the keys and told me to take her for a spin. The rings were sticking from sitting so long so she was blowing plumes of smoke. We took it to a nearby shop for a compression check; steady across the board.

    I was ready to hand him $4k on the spot. He decided to offer a $500 military discount AND delivered the Z 2.5 hours south back to Georgia. Every so often I think about selling her, but I've owned her for 6 years and have only logged a little over 2,000 miles. I still have some bugs to work out but I want to drive this Z for a long time.

    The paint job is a 10-footer. I intend to keep it that way. More of a driver's car.



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  4. 4 hours ago, SteveJ said:

    Look for cracks in the soft fuel hoses. That can introduce air into the line when you're trying to pump fuel.

    If you have a hand-held vacuum pump, try seeing if you can pull fuel up to the hose for the mechanical pump with it. If you have difficulty doing that, so will the mechanical pump.

    I've replaced all fuel hoses in the engine bay within the past year, most within the past few months.

    I didn't think of the vacuum pump Steve. Are you saying connect it between the pump and the oem fuel filter?

    I can't help but think if my fuel system is sucking air somewhere, it must also be leaking fuel somewhere? I did find a slight crack/drip of a fuel line about a month ago and replaced it immediately. I thought it was the culprit, allowing the filter to slowly drain, but I'm back where I started.

  5. Alrighty. I've replaced three mechanical fuel pumps in my 73 240z in the past five months. [Because I initially thought this was the root of all of my problems]

    It seems as though the pump loses it's prime every time she sits for a week or two. 

    For example, today: oem-spec fuel filter is clean and new. The filter is full of gas. Car will not start with a solid 2 minutes of cranking. No fuel is making it to carbs. What gives? It's like the pump is sitting there doing nothing.

    I can blow gas through and suck gas in from the supply line easily. Gas tank is fairly clean--fuel filters have never been dirty in the past 6 years of ownership.

    SU floats have been set 3 times, mixture nuts 2.5 turns down. Losing my mind here!


    My two next steps:

    Remove valve cover to inspect eccentric gear and activate pump by hand.

    Remove OEM fuel rail and check for debris (is this even a likely culprit?).


    I am already planning an electric fuel pump install because I'm so tired of this.


    Here are the threads I looked into: