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  1. Here is my 03/1970 blue 240Z radio operation movie . You can see the auto antenna switch is something weak . I need to clean the metal where it contacts.

    My radio is TM-1081ZA , the operation pilot lamp is red , while 1081ZB is green .

    What else is different? The operation guide is blue for 1081ZA but I don’t have the one , so I bought a red one for 1081ZB from Motorsport Auto .  

    Maybe some internal mechanism and /or parts could be different .


  2. On 6/12/2019 at 6:22 AM, JDMjunkies.ch said:

    Dont want to hijack Kat's thread here. We can have a further discussion in another place. just a few inputs here:
    I can see that chipped part contains a piece of PCB track which is now broken.
    You can simply replace / "bridge" it with a wire soldered to two corresponding points on the PCB to complete the track again. Those old PCB's are always single or double layer only, so easy to fix broken tracks. You can see on page 7 of the previously posted schematics where the tracks go. But i have to admit those old schematics are a bit tricky sometimes 🙂

    Another tip (probably solves your problem) is to replace all the electrolytic capacitors (All that have a + and - symbols in the schematics): They contain an electrolytic fluid which dries out after several years and can cause a lot of weird "scratching" noises and other faults. Also marked as "electrolytic" in the parts list on Page 10. Replace all of them and you will have a lot of electronic gremlins elmininated, and / or expanded the lifetime of the unit for at least another 5 to 10 years. Make sure to use the same specified parts as listed in the parts list or marked on the parts. I recommand to use at least 85°C temperature rated components, even better 105°C capaciters. Even if the radio never gets that hot it will have a longer lifespan and the price difference is only a few cents.

    Other than that i can't see a lot of problematic parts. Except maybe the mechanical sliders / Switches, which are easy to replace or clean with a specific cleaner spray (using cheap contact spray or WD40 may solve noise issues on the sliders and mechanical potentiometers for a short period, but will significant decrease the lifespan of the component in long term view, as those cheap / wrong sprays may attack the coal-contacts).

    Thank you so much for providing the depth of information of repairs, how did you get the manual dated 1970 ! It is amazing!


  3. During the trip to my mother’s home , I dropped at Mr. Kawashima ‘s factory to help his work for another ZG which has been purchased recently by my colleague , senior 787 captain.

    His ZG is almost identical to my ZG , he also loves stock . So as much as possible, he want his car to be original.

    I helped the restoration of its 8 track system and , auto antenna .

    The antenna mast was broken like most of the car . Mr.Kawashima did a great job .

    He snapped of the tip then drilled a hole to be re- connected to the top rod . 

    Also he drilled out the old remaining plastic from the top mast end , then he connected the plastic wire with the end by JB weld  and punched it.

    Please see the video , I hope this can help someone who has a broken antenna mast .





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  4. Today I arrived home from 1800km round trip in four days . I took my ZG for this journey, I must say “ ZG is the best partner for grand touring .  If you have a properly tuned L24 with G-Nose , you would not want to have one more camshaft , nor one more carburetor. 😁 

    A fuel consumption is way better than Z432 . This time my ZG scored 13km per litter (30 mile per gallon ) when doing 100km/h (60m/h ) Highway driving .

    Quiet , stable , and powerful. My non-restored ZG still can go anytime anywhere . Hub caps stick to the wheels always !


    PS : I have a question , is this cigarette lighter cooperated with an illumination also equipped for export models after Sep 1971 ?  

     Fairlady 240ZL / 240ZG and Z432 have the illuminated lighter .







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  5. Thank you so much Alan . The picture which you showed is what I was expected. And I have seen it in a book   yes !

    So now I tend to think the one would be earlier than the other one . I guess my seven holes type would be earlier,  but still not for sure . I thought due to the battle was getting harder and harder towards the end of GTR ‘ s paradise, factory team tried for more power with those more advanced / retardant timing selections . So in the end , they would have made eleven holes .


  6. Here is two sets of race option camshaft adjustable sprocket I have got recently. 

    I see the difference of shape of numbers between the two . The one set has eleven holes , this can be set -15 to +15 . But this one has numbers up to - 12 to +12 . 

    And the other set has seven holes for E (exhaust)  , nine holes for I ( intake ) . I see this intake sprocket definitely was added extra holes by someone later for better timing  . Exhaust one looks original . 

    @HS30-H Alan , could you give me an authentication which set is original, or none of them original ?





  7. About my spare S20 , the head had an quick inspection at racing shop T- mind .

    I am happy that the head is intact and no bent , no need shaving . Also crack was not found in visual check . But of course it needs to be tested with filled water in a pressurized condition.

    I have managed to obtain a set of race option camshafts , “8L “ is the name which is described in a  race manual . 8H is a lot exciting at a higher RPM but nothing below 3000 rpm . 

    Please see the picture , one has  “48” and the other has “49” on the end of camshaft.

    I think this is a marking for making and assembling .






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  8. 19 minutes ago, 240260280 said:

    WOW that is a big flywheel.  Must be for stability during turns and bumps!

    Thanks Blue , I am not good at all about repairing those mechanics. But now I am convinced that I can repair this problem. Currently I have three spares , and two of them have this  issue. I guess this will be a common trouble for everyone.


  9. The solution is insert a washer to lift the fly wheel just a little bit .Thickness is the matter , you need to be sure that not to insert a thicker washer which would make impossible to snap a E shape clip at the bottom of the fly wheel’s shaft .

    And also shave  the stud to make a gap between the stud and the fly wheel .




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  10. Hi , today I have a lot of things to post here .

    Gavin,  I have only one tip which I can tell you about is , a repair of a  8 track cassette operation . Seems nobody would be interested in it, but anyway I will give it a try describing it.

    There is a big fly wheel in the middle of the deck . This fly wheel is driven by the rubber band . This is so heavy so that it has a tendency to sit lower gradually in its life . What happened next ? The result is Lowered fly wheel scratches a head  of a tiny stud . This is a cause of slower turning of the fly wheel , and the music ended up “ very slow “ . Also you will hear a dragging noise dusting operations, even worse some decks  can’t turn the fly wheel .

    to be continued.


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  11. On 6/5/2019 at 8:50 PM, zspert said:

    This is the late, and very missed, Paul Taylor's car. It was my shop that brought it up to 295 points and serviced it for many years. Very fond memories of convoying to Z car shows with Paul and lovely wife Sandy.  Seeing all the crap going down on that site depresses me to no end

    Mike , I am with you . Thanks for telling me the story when I visited your shop last month. We know you are the best in the world . It is a Z heaven. Many gold medallion cars have been taken care of by you . 


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  12. 18 hours ago, 26th-Z said:

    Hmmm...I'll have to see which one I have.

    I liked your post on de-mister hatch glass Kats.  I thought I had a new piece of vertical de-mister glass too.  So I got all my glass pieces out to see if I had the same tags as yours.  Such a surprise to what I had in storage.  I have a collection of clear glass, four pieces, and two of them are new.  Will post pictures.

    Chris , how did you obtain your 8 track stereo for Fairlady Z series ? Have you owned a Fairlady ? It must be Very hard to find one in the US . Even in Japan , a working condition player is very difficult.



  13. Pictures for the comparison of the CST-113ZA and the 2000Z .

    Another difference between 113ZA and 2000Z is the signal seeking function. 2000Z has an auto tuning system . In S30 cars , this system is also familiar with a car for US 240Z up to mid 1971 . 

    You see the inside of CST-2000Z ,these are my spares .  Enjoy ! 





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  14.  “ pre Sammy Hagar era “ I agreed !

    I saw conversations about audio system of 240Z in another thread  , now I would like to post some pictures to distinguish the difference between an early 8 track system and a later 8 track system in Fairlady series . I did similar thing before ( on page 22 ) but , this time I want to show the more unique difference.

    A first model of the stereo system is 

    Hitachi CST-113ZA , this one is for Z432 and ZL . When Fairlady 240Z series was available in Nov 1971 , the system was taken by Hitachi CST-2000Z . This is for Z432 / 240ZG/ 240ZL . 

     The most biggest difference in looks between this and later CST- 2000Z is , a  window of the face plate .

    113ZA has a plain clear window while 2000Z has numbers on the window. 

    So you see the orange bar in front of the numbers in 113ZA , see the bar behind the numbers in 2000Z . 

    I think the reason of this change would be  cost matter . Or to have more better reading in selecting station . However  I realized the early model has wonderful , but very subtle features in the window . 

    You will see the function at night . The early model provide the reflection of the number of selected track on the window. 

    This is very subtle but I really like it . 

    Later 2000Z can’t have the reflection of the numbers due to its window has white numbers covered most of its area .

    Please see the pictures of the early model , Hitachi CST-113ZA  at night operation.







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  15. On 6/3/2019 at 2:36 AM, HS30-H said:

    I rather suspect that you just ate Grandma.

    Thanks Alan , it took several hours to understand what you said . Now I found punctuation is important for sentences. 

    I found this ,  “ a giant panda eats, shoots and leaves “ . This could be meant “ a giant panda with a gun ran into a restaurant and ... “ 

    Anyway I just looked at the two Vintage Z cars at the auction floor . I didn’t bid for them . I don’t have money nor room for another Z without selling my cars .

    I have heard a buyer of the Vintage Z complained about the car to the auction organizer after the bid .Still got troubled . I don’t know what is the problem . I guess the car’s condition is not sufficient for the buyer . If I were the buyer , I would have avoided bidding.Or made a bid knowing what I am going to buy .   I feel sorry for the two cars , they had not been taken care from the owner . People got excited about “ a barn find “ , but I think they should not have been in that condition.

    So , six digits is much suitable for this HLS30-02545 . I hope this car finds a new good home . 



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  16. 😍Mike , thanks for sharing your story, you are an engineer of designing mechanical components, are not you ? 

    In 1984 ,  Van Halen was so popular in Japan , I was a little teenager just dreaming about playing like him . His guitar has a BIG Tremoro Brock , Floyd Rose ? No matter how hard you up and down the arm , tuning won’t be Iosen .


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