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  1. Thanks Blue , I was so nervous because if the rust in the gas tank caused this problem , I was going to have a big trouble. By the way , I managed to return home with only three cylinders of operation, that was so wonderful. 

    And a cold water poured method is cool ! 

    Summer in Japan is now as hot as Las Vegas , NV . And as steamy as Philippine . 


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  2. Hi , I had a fuel trouble yesterday.

    Almost everyday outside is 38 degrees Celsius (100 in F ) in Japan .

    I took my blue 240Z for a ride , pulled hard in an open countryside road then took a coffee brake at a shop . After some rest I started the engine, I noticed the engine became sluggish . I had to give blip to keep the car moving. 

    I replaced the fuel pump to new one but it was not the reason . I opened the float chamber, rear carburetor chamber was empty !

    I checked the valve , the string wire retainer touched the valve so that the valve couldn’t move freely. The valve was pushed and hold , this was the reason fuel didn’t go though into the chamber .

    I guess under the extremely hot outside temperature like this , heat made the string wire retainer shrink to be enough touching the valve .

    I am always curious about people in the hot area , how did those people do with their 240Z back in 70’s ? No problem as long as the car was cruising , but after some shopping , I imagine it might be difficult sometimes to start the engine . Chances of Vapor lock or percolation might be getting increased when the car parked under the strong sun shine .










  3. Hi , What a wonderful car which has been beautifully kept as it was left from the factory. I see lots of 1969 and early 1970 uniqueness . I can’t say all but some of them are , 

    #1 The heater box has got “ 9K “ sticker as well as the chocks 

    #2 The fire wall pad is textured “ meshed type “ 

    #3 The clutch pedal stopper rubber is small 

    #4 The hook for the jack holder on the floor has unique style , I have never seen it before. 

    #5 The inspection lid has small tab , riveted?

    #6 To my eyes , the  front over rider looked wide early type which has rubber nipples to secure the metal body . The front bumpers must be an early single bolt  type for each side .

    I would like to see alphabet codes on the jack , it has three alphabet characters on the basement, does it say “ O  K  # “ ? 



  4. Hi Blue , the mono color 240Z picture was given  from Mr. Yoshida when I met him and interviewed him . The picture is a big , like 200mm x 300mm .

    And the other pictures are printed from a set of slide film maintenance of Datsun 240Z which I bought a long time ago . 

    In this case , is this a set of slide film belonged to Nissan , or an individual who owns it ? 

    Anyway I have more 6 reels of film which are still in the wrapping . If someone want to see it and I maybe open them and print by a photo shop . 







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  5. Hi , I had the same thing in my 03/1970 240Z a long time ago . Have you checked back of the fuse box ? In my case , the two bold white wires were sticked each other in the back of the fuse box .

    I replaced the white wires to the new ones and then having no trouble since then .


  6. Hi , I hadn’t realized my blue 240Z’s air pump got the vent wrongly since I have got the car in 2000 . The vent must be facing like this .My orange 240Z told me which way it should be . And I confirmed it by service manual . 





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  7. 32 minutes ago, zspert said:

    Hi Kats,

    There is also an identical paper sticker on the steering rack, location varies from car to car!

    Thanks Mike ! I didn’t know that other cars have the paper sticker too !

    Here is my ZG ‘s seat bottom , I see a paper sticker too . When I was a kid , I always saw these stickers on the food , and many other stuff in a supermarket.

    Dan , sorry about this is not about the paint markings 😓






  8. Hi Gavin and hr369 , thank you so much , you guys are great ! 

    Now I have learned red or green light doesn’t always corresponding with  ZA or ZB , right ?

    And the label is so nice !


  9. Thanks Alan , 

    Did the previous owner put some reproduction A15 type stickers on them? 

    I think so too , that sticker “ A15 “ looked to be replica.

    Is there a correct designation for 44 PHH -2 ? I think  an “ A15 “ is for a STD GTR , is not it ? 

    The seller took away the carbs from the auction way before the end of the day .

    Japanese people say  “ “Every fish that escapes appears greater than it is.” 

    I want to see that carburetors again .


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  10. On 7/23/2019 at 11:21 PM, HS30-H said:

    I think it is natural for people to have a bias toward their local market variants, and in pre-internet days not so many people got to see other market variants - so they didn't even consider them. What I do not understand are people who tell us not to look, or that a particular market/model is not worthy of attention. It is bizarre. Every variant has its own significance and the more contemporary variants you look at, the more you learn about them and your own market variant. There is always something to be learned.

    I own variants from three different markets; Japan, UK and North American, and two different models from one of those markets (Japan). Each one informs not just about itself, but also teaches us something about the others. I find it fascinating to compare them, and I'm still learning something new every time. I contend that you cannot understand each model/variant fully without looking at its production line and showroom siblings.

    It's a pipe dream, but I'd like to have an S30-series Z event where we managed to corral at least one of every variant/sub-variant and market model, and every different production spec and showed them all together in one space with full access. No velvet ropes around the cars and no cars locked. I think it would be both interesting and informative. Just a pipe dream though...

    Hi Alan , thank you so much.  I have nothing to add your words . And many people hit the  “ likes “  button,  it is a lot . 

    My pipe dream is , based on yours , I wish we had a performance demonstration  (might  not really need to be competition) of each models in stock condition. ( We can’t ride on the old Bridgestone for the dynamic demonstration, so tires are OK for current model ) .

    Use the data of magazines which they tested when Zs were sold to the public .In the demonstration  , a car must show what written in the magazine which was issued for the car’s destination .

    It would be nice if we can share the experience of how each S30s behave . 

    I am more interested in handlings, road holdings, distributer advance curve etc of the variants than that of appearance .

    We have so many kinds of pairs of gearing in transmissions and rear differentials . 

    A car is meant to be driven.

    How about this , a competition for stock class is two- stage , the one is static display point . And the other is dynamic demonstration point . 


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  11. On 7/21/2019 at 1:19 AM, HS30-H said:

    Your 'S20-powered VZ' project might change a few minds. According to our new BaT friend 'Lstepp4re' apparently "....Here in the US we didn’t know of or care about JDM.. we knew about Datsun 240Zs that most of us couldn’t afford or acquire ..and as such ..99% of the people on this site ..just don’t care about the JDM market...".  He reminds me of somebody.

    My personal favourite 'VZ' car? This one:


    Vintage Z car in Japan-1.jpg

    Thanks Alan , 

    I feel more toward American people as I fell in love with my American 240Z . That was my very first experience and the passion for HLS30 is still glowing. I feel sometimes I am the only one who loves American 240Z deeply in Japan . ( yes the orange VZ’s owner Mr . Watanabe is exceptional )

    So the  statement “99 % of people in the US doesn’t care about JDM S30 models “ seems to me correct and I can say 99% of people in Japan don’t care about the US 240Z , this is my feelings over twenty years of my experience.

    But like me , if people in the US have a chance to see and get behind the wheel in a stock Z432 or 240ZG ( property maintained of course  ) , they will be delighted and opened their eyes widely for sure . Even L20 Fairlady Zs , will bring you some excitement not only just being RHD , they have different features in a cockpit, and exterior.

    I have to find seriously of this red VZ which was sold to someone in Japan with a combo of Ferraris and some other marquees . I took some pictures of the car when I visit the show room in 1998 .

    This car is almost perfect original condition, it seems only a few small things need to be replaced if I were the owner .The only big work would be applied to the radiator core support upper , around the hood stay clip area should be flat for the early cars like this HLS30-00630 . Up to mid 1970 ? Someone corrects me please .

    By the way , I have four different Mr. Watanabe in my S30 friends . I am sorry if I make you confused.








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  12. Hi Alan , I am now dreaming about to own a VZ , then install a S20 . I am wondering how I can draw attention from people in the US . ( not in Japan . People always give higher Regards to RHD Z s ) . 

    When I get old soon , I will have to let my cars go to someone.  Finally I will have one car , and A VZ with a S20 would be a single fireworks ball for my graduation of Z life ? 

    Chris , I have a question. A VZ is never eligible to attend the ZCCA judged car show , is it true ? If it is true , Where would I set off a fireworks? On BAT ?

    I see recent results on BAT is telling that provenance and / or clearness bring a huge demand of enthusiasts.

    Not so important about originals details.

    So If I put a S20 on a VZ doesn’t hurt the value of the car , does it ? ( of course all the components which came with the car are included for the buyer ) .

    I am just drea😋ming about . I have a particular VZ car in my mind.



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  13. On 10/25/2009 at 10:24 PM, 26th-Z said:

    A subject near to my heart, Kats! The pictures are great! Where did you find them? What is said about the lines with the arrows? Those are 'signature' lines for the S30. Very technical, those hard black lines can be duplicated mathematically. They are hand drawn with "french curves". Notice the blend of different curves along the rake of the body. Also, notice the proportion chosen to sharply curve the rear window line up to the rake line. This is cool stuff.


    Hi Chris, I am so sorry that I missed your question, I  am trying to answer .

    What is said about the lines with the arrows? Those are 'signature' lines for the S30

    I need to read it again the original letter when I home . I am in Chicago now , stay tuned.


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