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  1. I need to 'splain my reply I think. Maybe the longer bolt got ran down and spun out. A shorter one may hold to the torque spec.
  2. Or maybe a shorter one? Can't remember the torque spec but it can't be much. The 280s don't have a problem with the line up pin but the 240s do. They went to a universal fit off the 280 dimensions but they won't sit in the 240 holes. I had to file my 240 pins down to get them in. On my 280 they fit.
  3. Can you just go up to the next size on that one bolt? That's what I'd do. It's aluminum and easy to do. I put bigger ones on the exhaust and they cut in pretty easily just had to go slow. Foward then backed them out a few rounds and foward again. You could try that. Might have to wire brush the threads out of the bigger bolt, use some anti seize "slick-um" too. The heads are soft aluminum.
  4. Charles, @Patcon you are another of my friends that "ain't scared" of nothing. I can't imagine you killing a snake. You'd pick it up and see how unique it is then let it go on it's way. Your the guy on TV shows.
  5. I love my 15" rewinds. 205/50 Falkens is what I run. They fill the space perfectly in my opinion. 16" are too much for a 240 so I put them on my 280. Still a little too much for me but way better on the 280. Go to motorsportsauto.com I think and they have suggestions on tire sizes for our cars. Rewinds are super light, you can't go wrong money wise vs. wheel combo.
  6. Mark I figure there's nothing you haven't done or have happened to you. Your eyes tell a story I only wish I could see. Kathy's do too! It takes one to know one just scratches the surface. I'll always be thankful you two are part of my life. You've done a lot of living my friend.
  7. Whoever has the middle Vision is the coolest hands down or up. Depends on your riding. Helmets and pads are life changing nowadays. I'm scarred from ear to toes from those damn things. Motorcycles were way worse. Personally I like "kick and goes" now. They're great for the mailbox.
  8. Yeah get them local so if the pin doesn't line up. 280s are okay from everything I've read, it's the 240s that need modifying or big bucks from Nissan. I wore my Vans all the way through then put Shoe Goo on them. They were not allowed in my Mom's house and I immediately had to go sit on the edge of the tub and wash the stank off. Chuck Taylors too but I liked Van HI 8s. Vaurnets and Members Only jackets. Guaranteed poon tang! Still got mine!
  9. You cool with those "bo bo slaps" and Vaurnets.
  10. I would replace the mounts. You've gone a long way for a sweet ride, don't stop now. The 280 ones are easy to get and cheaper. I think I have Beck Arnleys on mine.
  11. I think I got them from amazon.com for a lot cheaper. Stop Techs I think and they do stop on a dime. No squeaking either, just like you say. Another proven by me thing is no brake dust with ceramic pads. My wheels are always shiny. Ceramic, it's not just for high heat coating. 👍
  12. Oh I love heating pads! I've been wanting to get a heated blanket like from my childhood but the research I've read says they're 2 different animals. The small pads get much hotter and work way better. Maybe 10 would cover my bed and add the heat I need? Hope you feel better Charles. This humidity is drawing me down to nothing. I'm sure you too.
  13. You can find them cheaper looking for 4 wheeler accordion boots. The stainless bands for those cv boots are the way to go too. I've been down this road, believe me. Motorcycle shops have that stuff but it's higher than a giraffes arse. I bought mine off the www.com
  14. That's a head scratcher for me. I like it for a minute then the scratch where I don't.
  15. From what I've read the p79 head after a cut uses the 75 through 78 valves. I've not done this but here's a write up on that head mod. I'm no mechanic just a curious reads everything guy. https://datsunzgarage.us/p79/
  16. Joking around here, you all know me by now. After dealing with Xfinity and Roku's "make it impossible to watch but charge the hell out them anyway" attitude I hope I get covid. My family will sleep better knowing I didn't go bat $^!# crazy and handle things myself.
  17. Enjoy everyday you wake up. It's over folks. We had some fun though...
  18. The guy that owns @zcardepot.com had a car in Memphis on a trailer. It was a fixer upper too. Maybe he has some parts you need?
  19. @Patcon could've done a much better job with his assortment.
  20. Seems fair. A decent car even after the die grinder bounces.
  21. For what it's worth I've only replaced outers on my Zs as part of of refurbishing the steering racks. My '72 drives like it's on a rail, straight without any shake and that's the OE inner tie rods. I will add it's low mileage car however so take that into consideration. Mine is a once monthly driven car too so I didn't replace the inners. I think you can spend money elsewhere like new rotors, calipers and SS short lines on all 4 corners. I went with drilled and slotted rotors plus ceramic pads, new bearings and all that stuff. Very happy with the results too.
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