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  1. 40 minutes ago, Redwing said:

    Well, I for sure will never grow up.  I'll mature, but never get o7d. (Don't  even want to type that nasty word.) Hahaha...

    Thank you for your sweet words, I love it!  Love folks appreciating my lifestyle!   ;)

    Your desire to drive Redbird as a daily driver has been astounding to me, you always come up with a plan that works and saves money. :)

    You've also made a bunch of friends, although foul mouthed men like me we are friends nonetheless.

    Image result for keep on trucking

  2. Are all those engine inspection lights on the driver's side? I'm almost positive mine are on the passenger's side. The 240 for sure but I'd have to walk downstairs to check the 280's and I'm enjoying a bottle jack of Budweiser at this time. Priorities! 

  3. I remember back in high school my louvers rattling like "a trunk full of beer cans" some rap song by Outkast? 4 Pioneer 6907s in a homemade plywood box with a Harmon Kardon 200W amp. Had a Nakamichi Dragon cassette deck. Those were the days! No cell phones just beepers and pay phones, ancient history. That'll be on the History Channel soon, pagers. LOL

  4. Thanks, that was the intentions of the guy I bought a 240 from. It came with an e31 and f54 block with 87mm dished pistons but no cam kit. I've got that same Schneider cam. I just have to install it onto the e31. Waiting for cooler weather.:)

    He also gave me the triple weber 40s and Cannon intake. They need to be rebuilt though. I'm a little intimidated by those right now. Just starting to get comfortable with my SUs.


  5. N42 head with the MSA III cam kit on top of N42 block with dished pistons or F54 block with flat topped pistons?  I ask because those are my choices.  I have an E31 head too but I'm scared to put it on 86mm flat tops.  I'd rather use it on the 2.4.

    Thanks for some guidance. :)

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