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  1. When I bought my 77 it would hardly run, bucking spitting and sputtering. I tried everything and then ran a mirror under the intake. There was a golf ball size hole rotted out where the egr tube connected to the intake. Under where your block off plate is.

    I deleted the egr system. The one vacuum line that was left after the thermal vacuum switch, TVS, I hooked to a nipple below the TPS box I think. Somewhere down there around the bcdd.

    Just a little story of my 77's problems. I've got the pictures on my laptop I can post when I can. You might find a recall sticker under the hood on the passenger's side if your's was fixed. Mine was not and that egr tube got loose and exhaust gas ate up my damn intake. LOL


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  2. I'm getting ready to drive my 280 now that the heat has lowered in Alabama.

    Anyhow, plans so far are to remove tank plug to drain old fuel then run 2.5 gallon gas can straight to the pump, bypassing the tank. Hopefully the return will let new gas to flow back to the tank and into my catch basin never going through the injectors. I'm thinking Seafoam for those after replacing my 2 fuel filters. The OE can and the G3 out of the tank.

    Is it that simple? Thanks for any input. I've forgotten more than I remember...

  3. 13 hours ago, RabbitZ said:

    So the front device is a resonator? What’s a good replacement part for it? Thanks 

    On my 280 the resonator is close to under the driver's seat, give or take some length either way. I was trying to say that most all muffler shops have them on hand already. The shop can weld it in place for you cheaper than ordering one and clamping it on yourself, at least that was true for me. You may not even want one. My 240 sounds great, high and dry raspy sound with no resonator. The 280 had a terrible drone on the interstate so the resonator fixed that.

    Long story short...when you can drive it to a muffler shop they'll fix you up cheaper than doing it yourself. That was my experience anyhow. 

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  4. I had a 20" resonator installed on my 280 at my local exhaust shop. He charged me maybe $25 for the part and the welded install. I also had the tail muffler correctly installed. Welded in without clamps.

    If you can, I would drive it to a muffler shop and have them lift it up and have the work by the guys that do it all day long. 

    My 240 did not have the highway drone my 280 had. No explanation for that but it was not needed on the 2.4 motor. Same 2.5" exhaust and header from MSA on both cars.

  5. The window sticker price breakdown from the dealership is my car's icing on the cake.

    When anyone understands the importance of that they are car people in my opinion.

    And it was $3,995 with the sports package, front and rear spoilers plus rocker stripes.

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  6. I bought my '72 and got all the paperwork then realized I was the 3rd owner. A doctor bought it new then sold to his younger partner. His wife wrecked her Ford and partial payed with the 240. The body shop guy never titled it, never got it running and 10 plus years I rescued it from  Ford hell.

    Now my garage queen awaits me whenever I have time. 

    I'll give it to my favorite nephew which will wizz off my sister for choosing only him but we're good buddies, just alike aka "a little goofy" but loved by all. LOL


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  7. 3 hours ago, Zed Head said:

    This is the typical sign of a lean situation, except that it happens under load.  If it happens with no load that's pretty bad.

    Worn out cam lobes also cause popping back through the intake manifold.  I've had it on V8 engines.  That happens with no load.  You might pull the valve cover and see if you have any loose rocker arms/damaged cam lobes.

    That was my thought on clamping off the return line for a test. That's how I figured out my cts was off to the ecu and did the RadioShack volume knob tweak. Easy to do and cheap. I ran the tune knob in the cabin and had a lot of fun running different mixtures. 

    There's tons of info on classiczcars.com but here's the basic straight to the point info...





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