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  1. If you decide to tackle it I will suggest raising the front with ramps or jack stands. It'll help your back. After about an hour I can't take anymore bending over. Also cover those thin fenders with towels or those plastic/rubber magnetic fender covers. You'll need a few special tools also. The timing chain wedge, head bolt allen socket, cam sprocket socket, torque wrench and few others I cant think of. Best of luck on whatever you decide to do.

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  2. 37 minutes ago, Zed Head said:

    Actually, second edit, I can't even really see an attempt to "own" here.  Seems like a total non sequitur.  Oh well.

    I can kind of feel people getting lazy in my neighborhood, since we're in a county that's not suffering too badly.  I guess the new term is "chin diaper", where people wear the face covering on their chin and only pop it up if they get close to someone.  And can't seem to comprehend that just because you're drinking a coffee, it doesn't mean you can't get or transmit the virus.  They're like school kids, finding ways to cheat the "rules".

    It's like some sort of self-correcting stupidity.  Instead of continuing what works, stop and wait until things get bad again.


    Weasel's way is what I call it.

    Edit: I'm not disparaging anyone or how they do business but I am saying don't expect employees to "feel my pain" now that we're going down a bumpy path. My guy was telling employees the Payroll Payback wasn't what they could read for themselves, he was going out on a limb to keep paying people. We had a mandatory meeting one evening that blew up in his face. 

  3. 1 hour ago, Pilgrim said:

    Looking at that COVID map, I can't help but notice that most (certainly not all) of the dark colors are in the red states that went Republican. It is a shame that this health and science issue was politicized.  

    Yes, that's what @jonbill stated earlier. When a man from another continent points out our stupidity I kind of pay attention. LOL

    He scares me, looking at that screen shot, and I ain't scared of nothing! LOL

    No offense Jon.


  4. I replaced mine without removing the fender. Here's a good thread on all that. The best info and pictures are the last couple of pages. Great pictures fyi.


    My bad! Wrong thread. Here's the good pictures.

    Iron Bowl in a minute so I'm a little wound up. Apologies sir.

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