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  1. "It's not the heat as much as it the humidity" 

    I hate that saying, hot is hot no matter the adjectives but those new dates are smack dab in the hottest part of our summer. High heat warnings everyday but Barber's is very nice. I'll be at the pool attending via classiczcars.com. LOL

    Night time is the right time in July and August. We'll have our nightly safety meetings at the host hotel bar area. I can't wait!


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  2. 22 hours ago, SteveJ said:

    If you trust it enough for a 3 hour drive up this, I can help you with installing an electric fuel pump, Cliff. I have a lift and all of the tools to do the job right.

    Heck, you could bring the dog, too. The wife and I like 4 legged guests. Our old girl might ignore your dog, though. She's pretty much to the resting most of the day stage in her life.

    How's about me and the dog bring you some diet Mountain Dew and just chill out for a day or two? I'll bathe the dog and trim his nails so he doesn't ruin my 1972 seats or your furniture. We'll both sleep in the garage, he chases squirrels in his dreams, like restless legs syndrome. And me, I have night parasomnia. LOL

    I've pretty much made up my mind on staying with the mechanical pumps, you know the saying "keep it simple" is one of my favorite decision making processes. It has worked out good so far. :love:


  3. It's supposed to be here...

    Maybe that connector can be slid off to expose the little metal blade that sticks out. Somebody may have done switch around but mine is a square plastic female connector that ssd's lides on/off the solenoid. You use that to disable the car from cranking. I use mine for a remote starter connection.

    Screenshot_20211011-182437_Samsung Internet.jpg


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  4. Thank you Racer! It needs changing too.

    I'd forgotten how much that car means to me, all the time and money to get it where it's at now. Then I was scared to drive it with these idiots around here. So it sat under cover for 5 years, only driven about 1,000 miles.

    I can't stand it when something doesn't work so I took the chicken $^!# route and drove across town and bought another $35 mechanical pump. Started right up!

    I've got to my affairs in better shape before I do the switch to electricity. End of the year, property taxes, homeowners ins. then Christmas presents.

    I will drive it more now for sure. I've got a great Hagerty's policy on both of them.

    It's like a kid I guess, can't keep them inside forever.

    Thanks for the replies. I know what to do now.



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  5. My car used to take awhile to crank but my floats were way shallow. Now that they're right the filters stay full and it cranks on the 3rd try everytime after sitting for a month or 2.

    I've got to find out if the mechanical pump allows fuel to pass through when it's not operating. Seems like it would so I need a safety someting or another. I need to figure the cost and effort of the oil sender vs inertia switch.

    I'm thinking there may be away to have both pumps and only use the electric one when the other one goes out but then why even waste money on another mechanical pump. I've got a couple of block off plates and my car is not stock anyway.

    OR...go down the road and spend $35 for a new mechanical pump. The one I have now just went out after 6 years. LOL


  6. My only unanswered question that I can't find definitive answer to is run the electric pump out of the tank then through the mechanical like OE with no regulator or safety switches. Seems like if I flipped the car over the mechanical pump would be the dead end but it runs off the cam so no safety switch needed.

    More reading to do.

  7. I hardly ever drive my 240 but when the weather is so nice I can't stay inside, and "all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy".

    So I've driven it some but after sitting so long I think the mechanical pump must have dried up and cracked the diaphram or whatever makes it work. Anyhow it died on me yesterday. Lucky me has a good neighbor because he has such a good neighbor. I called him up and told him where and what to bring me so I could get the car off the side of the road. An old low pressure pump I've had for years to transfer gas from here to there and my tool bag. Oh yeah my best testing tool, about 15ft of speaker wire with alligator clips on both ends. Didn't take long to hook it up and get it home. Now I'm researching trying to decide if it's possible to have both mechanical and electric. Pretty sure it is, I'll figure it out.

    Long story short...my thinking is the mechanical pumps don't like being left alone for very long. 

  8. Sounds like loose or dirty ground somewhere but that would be too simple. My horns did that before and I just filed the grounds up nice and shiny and it scared me when I pushed the horn pad. Never heard them so loud since owning the car. Hopefully it's something easy, good luck.

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