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  1. Looks good. Don't forget the anti-seize for the new studs and bolts on the aluminium head.
  2. In my #1 post the first picture is from the Craigslist ad I bought it from and the second is when I first pulled my motor. Others are after cleaning and some painting of the engine bay. My elbows need a shot of grease or cortisone.
  3. Mine was made 09/'76 and titled a '77. An early '77 w/5 speed manual and sloped deck. I do have pictures.
  4. That elbow looks kinda suspious compared to the other one. It's the grease.
  5. Long way to go but I'm getting closer. Cleaning and touch up painting the engine bay now. Dropping gas tank and cleaning is next.
  6. I put all my front poly bushings and steering rack back today. Finesse and a bottle jack, not a bottle of Jack, helped with the front sway bar end-links. I was trying the bolt down from the top and after lots of cussing and slinging tools I came back upstairs for a break. Turned on AtlanticZ tech tips and Mr Blue had a note "bolt head is at the bottom" well everything went back together. Still a huge pain in the rectum but it's done. Thank You Blue.
  7. So it's a series II. This '77 whipped my butt today. There's not enough beer in Alabama for me to take on an older car.
  8. I realize that's about as clear as mud (I've been working on the 280). What I'm asking is would it be a desirable car and worth restoring?
  9. I have a question for Mr Beck and any other early Z enthusiast. I'm going through a '77 280 and having the time of my life, drinking beer and working on the car. I'm kind of worried when I get down I'll miss the work more than enjoying the ride, plus I'm not quitting the beer so I need another project to keep out of the jailhouse. Is this car something I might pursue for a later project? I could store it in a barn of my Dad's then it would be a "barn find" for me later. It's very close to me, I guess I should go and check it out and snap some pictures of the interior and motor huh?
  10. I remember this car from a few months ago. I guess he's going to pass it on. http://bham.craigslist.org/cto/2910508426.html If I had the extra garage space and could get a deal I'd go out on a limb and buy it. Looks ok I guess?
  11. Thank You sscanf for the pictures. I've been reading and the opened up spray end reduces clogging supposedly and everything seems positive about them so I just ordered 6. Thanks again for everybody's input.
  12. How cool is that! I'd go crazy pulling up next to an old Z that had some some smooth jazz bumping at a red light. You ever listen to Morphine? Such a good band but like alot of jazz guys the heroin took them down.
  13. Well I guess I'm afflicted with that obsession now. Thanks for the information, I'll have some reading to do when I get in this afternoon.
  14. And to think someone refered to him as a "shade tree mechanic". Now that's funny.
  15. That would be great. I haven't ordered mine yet and would love to know if the spray end has a small hole or opened up like most of the pictures I've seen. If you could tell me how they look when you get them I'd be grateful. Thank You Cliff
  16. I just had my N42 hot tanked and I've never read anything about a oil pressure valve. But that doesn't mean too much. I used a 5 gallon bucket with about 1" of lacquer thinner in it. All 6 pistons fit perfect, face down, so I let them soak overnight and then scrubbed them with a ScotchBrite pad. Worked great. Stored them in another 5 gal. bucket with a good soaking of WD-40 then put the lid on.
  17. Yes, very cool. That's what I wanted to see and you nailed it! Thanks.
  18. Yes it's the code stamped on there. I carried that single key to a locksmith and he cut an exact copy by those numbers, it was the only key that came with the car and I needed one to zip-tie under the rear bumper for a spare. Actually I asked him to grind off the edges of the new key as it was a little tough to turn in the old locks.
  19. Here you are. It could be a dealer bought copy now that I see that in the owners manual
  20. I'm can't say 100% sure but the man said it's the original. I don't think it's a copy. I'll get you a better picture when the sun comes up.
  21. I think it would be easier to find Bigfoot than information on injectors. It's a conspiracy.
  22. Here's an original '77 key. Taken with my phone so not so good, sorry. Under the big N it says Nissan Motors.
  23. Thank You Fastwoman. Always great info from you.
  24. Is that the FJ3 injector? It seems like they have quit making those by looking at all the online parts stores. Most have "only 3 left" or "wholesaler closeout". Do they have the small hole at the tip or the opened up one with the square with small hole at the tip? I realize you haven't seen them 1st hand so PLEASE let us know when you do. I've got to get mine and there's nothing but generic pictures online so once again I'm confused. Thanks.
  25. I'm not sure of the "wrap around style" but I like these for the injection fittings. They are solid bands. http://shop.advanceautoparts.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/product_5-16%22-Automotive-Fuel-Injection-Hose-Clamp-(4-Pack)-Autocraft_89016085-P_N3055_A%7CGRP2014_____
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