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  1. On 12/14/2017 at 6:36 AM, zKars said:

    Got these beautiful FLAT TOP carbs running on the 510 tonight.  They run SO well.  Took it out for a quick back lane romp and had TOO much fun. 

    Here is proof of concept.  Note. The idle is happening with the throttle blades 100% closed.

    I swear I'm going to get fake plastic hemi-spherical caps made that you can snap on your flat top bells so you don't have to be embarrassed every time you open your hood...

    And no laughing at the roof rack or the mack-tack paint job....







    I cant get enough of the sound....
    I wouldn't change anything on the flat tops as long as its running smooth I would care less of other peoples' opinions. maybe polish them

    I cant wait to get mine to this point


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  2. I do not own a Z, but I've worked on one in preparation for the East African Safari Classic.

    I own a PA10

    My main aim of joining this great club is to learn more about the Bosch L-jetronic EFI system that I believe is used in L24E.

    I have a 4cyl Bosch L-jetronic EFI system that I wish to adapt into my PA10. I have a few problems though which I'll post in the relevant section