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  1. I couldn't locate anything that would be considered a "stop"

    Cliff was nice enough to send me pics of his 240 and 280 and again I couldn't see any difference between the 2. Hopefully in about 3 months I can report back here if there is a difference after installing what I have. Need to remove some minor dings from the hood first. Either way it looks as if they are interchangeable so there shouldn't be an issue.


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  2. 2 hours ago, zKars said:

    the only differences I noticed is in the presence or absence of "stops" that prevents the hinge from opening past a certain position

    I was wondering if that was the case. To bad I don't have an early set to compare it to. I'll pull mine out of the shed and look for said "stops". Assuming the stops would keep it from opening as far as the ones without. I would prefer the ones without. Hmm....

  3. Been a while since I have posted here.  Lot of health issues. I do visit it often though.

    I have been wanting to get rid of the fiberglass cowl induction hood on my 77 280 for quite some time now. Don't know what ever happened to my original one. But, I did find a correct one for my Z. It didn't come with the hood hinges or tension springs. I did however locate a set of hinges with the springs later. I didn't know until just recently that there are 2 different sets of hinges. Looks like they changed mid year, 74.5-78. Anyone know how to tell the difference between the 2 and why the change? Or should I not be concerned about it.


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  4. Also try popping the hood a little to vent the heat out while you are away from the car and see if that helps. It'll give you an idea of where to go next while trying to diagnose it. The 77 and 78 have louvered hoods to vent the heat. So there must have been an issue in the earlier models.

  5. 1 hour ago, Zed Head said:

    Compression rod, but T/C rod is the common name.

    What ZH said.

    I experienced the same thing, hit a bump and heard a clunk sound. My TC rod nut (bushing end) on the passenger side backed off for whatever reason. Retorqued and all was good. Hopefully its that simple for you.


  6. Zcarsource.com looks like they have them but they want a lot of money for them. And they are used!

    Check to see if it can be taken apart. Could be a set of contacts that just need to be cleaned.

    Assuming it is failing and not something else.

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