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  1. Hey Jim.  Have a look at the post that I just put up re choke knob designs.  Do you happen to have one of the 'mystery' knobs in your parts pile?  If you do, and if you haven't packed up the fresh air duct item yet, please let me know what you want for it.  I'll probably ask you to add it to my package. 

    FYI, I want to install a two-lever (choke and hand throttle) set-up in my car and I plan to use two these 'semi-round' knobs.  Unfortunately, one of the two that I have is in rougher shape than I'd prefer.  I'd like to substitute one that's in better condition.

    (p.s. Yes, I know that nix240 offers the correct 'early-style' pair of choke/throttle knobs -- and they are really pretty -- but even though the price is fair, I'm reluctant to be spending that kind of money).

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    2. zKars


      The knob is 8.5-9/10..  I gave it a quick polish and it went to 9/10. Some very minor scratches, would sand out.




    3. Namerow


      hmmm...  Your excellent photos unfortunately show a piece that is in about the same condition as the one I've got, so I'll have to pass.  Thanks for taking the time to locate, clean, and photo.  I owe you one -- which will come in the form of a zinc plating chart (surface area calculations for parts) that I put together recently for my Caswell 'adventure'.  I'll send it by way of your regular email address.

      BTW, I put the payment for the air duct piece in the mailbox on Friday.

    4. zKars


      No problem! Thanks for the plating info and chart. Someday I'll unpack my Caswell kit and try this.

  2. Any chance of getting a copy of the file that you used to generate the throttle knob?

  3. Hi Jim:

    I'm looking for a few parts that are missing on my '70 and wonder if you might have any in your spares stash that you'd like to sell?

    • Hood Stay (prop rod)
    • P/B switches (door jamb) for interior light -- 1-wire/rhs and 2-wire/lhs versions
    • 'Receiver Cups' for door panel clips (these are the black plastic pieces that are a push-fit into the holes in the inner door sheet metal... looking for up to 12 in total)
    • Spring clip (need one only) for the under-dash defroster duct tubes -- these clips aren't shown in the CarPartsManual.com exploded-view drawing, but you can see one of them clearly in the photo I took of my duct tubes)

    No urgency.  I'm just trying to have these bits in hand before the winter is over.

    John Jackson

    Burlington, Ontario


    1. zKars


      I have a hood prop for you. Should have a few door clip cups somewhere. They are still avaialble from nissan I think too. Same for the door pin switches. 

      Don't have any of the duct wire clamps though.

    2. zKars



      Will do. I found 5 cups. 

      My postal address is 

      224 Rundlehill Drive NE

      Calgary AB T1Y2V2

      Will get a picture to you as well.

      Let's take this discussion to email if that's okay with you. z240@shaw.ca.  Doing in this status update place on the forum isn't  the best.

  4. After three weekends of limited success in trying to get my DIY zinc plating set-up to deliver decent results, I think I need to bite the bullet and get my pieces done commercially.  Would you mind telling me the name of the plating shop you used to get your parts done? (I'm assuming that it's located somewhere in the GTA).


    John Jackson

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