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Image Comments posted by Mike

  1. 1 hour ago, siteunseen said:

    Looks good Mike!

    Are going to run the two different wheels?

    Haha, no this was just a shot showing the difference between old vs new...  ?


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    Circa 1998

    6 hours ago, siteunseen said:

    That's pretty cool, in '96 you were building this site.  I was surfing the internet on my Web TV with a remote control.  The good old days! ROFL

    Is that a storage building?  It has the smallest garage door I've seen.  Looks like the Z barely fit. 

    Yea, now that was 20 years ago!  Damn how time flies.  The small door was the single car garage where I sandblasted the parts as I took off piece, by piece, by piece....

    6 hours ago, Marty Rogan said:

    Nice picture.  It looks like it may have been taken on a Polaroid camera.  In 1998 I bought my blue '70 Z and joined the Internet 240Z Club!


    Yea, polaroid at the time.  I think I have some additional photos somewhere after I purchased my first digital camera.

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