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  1. Funny how things are turning around though.  There once was a time that people searched far and wide to find the cheapest deal.  Now people seem to be searching far and wide to find the best quality.  There are good products that come out of China.  Just reach into your pocket and look at your mobile phone.  Manufacturers can no longer build disposable crap.  I have a feeling the new generations will shift things back.  Don't blame government, blame the consumer.

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  2. 47 minutes ago, 26th-Z said:

    Here's what I have from HLS30-40904.  Looks like a black filler was placed behind the standard radio cover plate.  That's not 68835-E4100 like the other picture.

    Right now, Pete Evanow has chimed up on BaT.  He says that all of the Vintage Zs came without radios.

    Yuck!  They should have at least put in one of those Retro Sound radios..  or I guess installing nothing in that area leaves it open for new owner to install whatever they want.  I don't like that 3-dial A/C control panel at all..  it looks unfinished.

  3. Kats, these concerns aren't just limited to cars and parts.  Just look at household appliances, home construction materials, etc, etc..  Who do we blame?  The manufacturer, or the majority of consumers who wants to buy these things for the cheapest price?  In my old age, I'm starting to focus more on quality/workmanship of well made (and typically expensive) products.  It's a lot easier to appreciate...

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