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  1. 6 hours ago, HS30-H said:


    Whilst I appreciate your effort to create your new 'JDM' section, I reckon you're about 20 years too late. classiczcars.com had been discussing these cars as part of the S30-Series pretty much since you founded the forum, and the content is (I think pretty much inextricably) woven into the tapestry of our historical forum thread content.

    I can't see how that Japanese market-specific content can be isolated, extracted and given a new home without losing its original context? And what will happen to the conversations from which is has been extracted? Will they too lose their context? I'm not sure I understand.

    Yes, you are correct that I should have done this from day one.  However, due to my limited knowledge of the Japan market when we first started (and my young inexperienced self), it wasn't really pondered until now.  I attribute this change to a recent visit to Japan, having the honor to meet Kats, and a short drive in his 432.  I fell in love with the car and became wildly fascinated about it.  Also considering my total lack of understanding about the R-series (see above), I decided to make this addition to the club.

    While I agree that most of the 432 discussions are mixed throughout the site into other threads, I still think we could use some dedicated space for the car.  Here's what I am planning:

    1. Create a new forum category for the Japanese market cars -- both 432 and regular market cars.
    2. Find specific forum threads about the 432 & 432-R, and move the entire thread into this new area.
    3. Find images about the car, and post links to the new area.  I believe you also have some.

    Existing threads that have a 'blend' of both standard S30 (or US market S30) content with 432 content will NOT be pulled apart.  I do not believe in taking apart conversations.  However, if the content is focused on the 432, I would like to move the whole thread into the new area.  Regarding the Kats thread, I agree it has been wildly popular.  Finding the thread was a bit more difficult because it was buried.

    The idea behind this change is to allow people to research based on their specific interest in the Japanese market.  Before this change, it was rather difficult to find information without hours of searching and reading.  This may help put a focus on the area -- very similar to the Scarab, 240k, roadster, and other areas.  Please let me know your thoughts.  

  2. I started looking through the history of posts we have about the Z432 & Z432-R and think we've missed out on categorizing this properly.  Many of these conversations are spread throughout the site into different forums.  As a result, I have created a new forum for the Z432 and moved the Japanese market stuff to its own category.  I'm going to start moving the 432 stuff into this new forum now.

    As I look at some of the projects you guys have worked on, it's apparent I still need more education on this spectacular version of the Z.  So, this will be a lot of fun!  😉

    Here's a link to the new area:  https://www.classiczcars.com/forums/forum/152-jdm/


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  3. 10 hours ago, dutchzcarguy said:

    "We" ...europeans read 310 dollar..  that's a bit low aint it???  we  work with the point in 310.000  not 310,000   so..  310,00 is 310 dollar and zero cents... can i have 2 for that price?  😀   ( no.. i;m not going to ask for 10 Z's or so! i am not that greedy..)

    Yeah, I know about the number designation all too well.  A long time ago we were developing database software to monitor injection molding machines.  Customers were complaining the values would change drastically after being installed on operating systems that swapped periods and commas.  The developers had to go back through all the code and update it...  thousands of lines of code and took about 6 months.

  4. Thanks guys.  I haven't followed many of the Type R discussions in the past.  This has pegged my curiosity so I will be creating a forum for the Z432 specifically.  I did find an older post from 2013 here:  


    I'm looking to find the gallery link again as that older link is broken.  But, the Z432 needs its own forum where we can hold these kind of discussions.


  5. I a bit surprised this went for so much money. 

    It's been modified quite a bit -- looks like a minimalist race interior.  I'm not a big fan of the dashboard block-off plates, missing center console and most of the interior vinyl.  The relocation for the ignition key is also very strange and there are no identification plates on the car. 

    I don't know much about the Japanese versions.  Were all of these modifications part of the R series or is this a historical racer of some kind?  Would love to know more.

    I was fortunate enough to drive @kats's Z432 and his was much more complete.  But, I don't know if his blue car is a series R.


  6. 4 minutes ago, HS30-H said:

    Edited to add: There was no model variant-specific 432-R badging. It was badged the same as the 432 model.

    Ah, got it.  Thanks, the original article referenced the 'R' designation, but, I didn't see any badging on the car to reflect it.  Kinda strange they didn't create unique badging if you ask me..