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  1. I've installed these on my Z.  It was quite a long time ago.  I do remember that we had to remove the door panel and a wrench with a long extension and a knuckle to get through the tight area.  It was a pain in the butt, and you'll need to find someone with small hands to help out.  Before you tighten them completely (or install the door panel), make sure you sit in the drivers seat to make sure the mirror can be rotated to the correct position to look behind you.  

  2. Hi all, I am in the middle of researching different ads to raise money for the site.  At the moment, our typical ad placement on the site have dropped significantly enough to make me look at more options.  I'll be running this experiment over the next few days.  I will be looking at various different options, so you may things shifting around a bit as I work through a solution that will be the least annoying and relevant to our club.


  3. The feature relies on locally stored cookies in order to function properly.  If this is not allowed by your security settings, this is the result. 

    I'm also looking to see if your recent activity browsing is a locally stored thing.  Meaning, if you open the site on your mobile, and then switch to your desktop, the history may not be stored on both devices unless you have it configured to use the cloud.  For instance, if you use an Android device and a desktop with Google Chrome, the history may be stored on both devices using the Google cloud.  However, if you use an iPhone with Safari, and then switch to Google Chrome on your desktop, this information is not shared between the devices.  I'm still looking into this....

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  4. This is certainly more dangerous than the flu.  Did you see the news today from Italy?  Over 600 dead from this thing TODAY.  I'm not so worried about staying at home for a month while this thing blows over....

  5. On 3/3/2020 at 10:21 AM, heyitsrama said:

    oh interesting, i pay for a server on Linode under their $10 a month line but its not a super beefy setup, just enough for some small functionality.

    Just out of curiosity what kind of system is being used to host the site? Can we get some joocy performance metrics? 😛

    I'm in AWS land the whole day, they make it easy to spend your money....

    Sure!  Our capacity is at 250GB and historically transfer about 20GB per month.  Our database is 18-19GB in size and file storage is approx 220GB.  Server is a dedicated HP Proliant DL380 with approx 4TB in total HDD capacity.  Quad processor with 32GB of RAM.  It's a bit overkill for just this site, but, it's also doing other things such as email and backups.  The 250GB I mentioned above does not include backup space, so, you can multiply that by approx 150GB for every backup (I typically like to keep 3-4 backups).  

    I estimate hosting this on AWS would cost approx $500-600 a month, which is more than double our current cost.



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  6. 19 hours ago, heyitsrama said:

    do backups get put into an aws s3 bucket?

    Yes, I keep a copy of the site daily, weekly, and then I archive the whole thing every month to a .gzip file.  It replicates incrementally to S3 every night.  I only ran out of disk space because we had so many monthly archives.  I would put the whole server on the cloud if it wasn't for the exorbitant fees.  Instead, the server is parked in a rack at a hosting facility in Seattle.  S3 backups are pushed over-the-border to Oregon.

    18 hours ago, siteunseen said:

    Do you have to keep everything backed up on here, like for us to find archive stuff?  Seems like you would.  Is that what the servers do?

    Curious is all.  Don't waste a minute on my dumba**.  LOL

    See above...  😉

    Backups are mostly to handle a major system failure.  On-site backup are paired with off-site backups in case we lose our hardware.  I was using AWS a long time before most common people knew about it.  :bunny:

    If we do have a catastrophic failure, we would only lose 1-day of information.  Although it may take me a few days of work to get it all back online.

  7. I had to pull the site offline on March 1, 2020 to run some maintenance.  It looks like the main hard disk was full due to our monthly backups taking up too much space. 

    I was led to the problem when Zed Head posted that he could not attach an image to a post.  I attempted to upload my own image and saw the error.  Soon after the problem occurred, I saw that other errors suddenly started to appear.  After reviewing the hard disk information, it was at 99% capacity.  I looked for the largest directories, and discovered that we had monthly backups since June 2019 stored on the same drive.  Each backup is approximately 150MB in size.  So, I deleted some older backups and moved others to a new partition.  Every one of our backup files are also sent to AWS in case of catastrophic failure, so, there is no problem moving or deleting these older files.  I left the backups for the last three months in the same partition however this may happen again.

    The website is still due for some updates, but, (in order to get some sleep) I decided to hold off on the backups until more time can be allocated to the task.

    I may also need to increase storage space in the summer months of 2020.

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  8. 21 hours ago, Zed Head said:

    Thanks Mike.  I don't see the new options though.  Signed in or signed out.

    "There's no more activity to display"

    and 15 posts about "fabbing new front rails".

    Look under "My Activity Streams"

    Update:  I also added these to the menu.