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  1. I know this is an older post but I also wanted to chime in about your member ID for discounts at MSA.  

    You can see your member-id under your profile.  Click your name in the upper right and select 'Profile'...   it will show up on the left side like this:


    Screen Shot 2022-06-23 at 11.26.24 AM.png

  2. You can buy non-ethanol fuel at your local boat dock.  Ethanol is highly frowned upon in the yachting world for gas engines, and typically very good quality.

    I remember the days when I was running my grandfathers airport fuel business in San Diego.  I used to buy 130 octane leaded gas for around 55 cents or so.  I'd pull my Z right up to the truck, connect the static line, and pump it directly into the car.  Those days are long gone and you cannot fill a car with aviation fuel (for tax reasons apparently).  But my Z ran like a top and I remember seeing greyish soot in my tailpipe instead of the typical black soot.  I still remember taking her out on the taxiway and driving as fast as I could (those days are ALSO long gone).  I loved being 18-19 years old with a classic Z...  

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  3. 6 hours ago, SteveJ said:

    Happy birthday, again, to @Mike

    Thank you!!  As I get older I try to forget these but the system sure doesn't forget!!  😉    Hope y'all are having a good time with your Z's.  I need to dig mine out of the garage and have a little more fun this summer.


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  4. FYI, here are the activities that will get you more badges and increase your rankings.  I'm not saying which ones have more power though, that would be unfair...  😉

    • Create new threads
    • Reply and participate in conversations
    • Follow content
    • Follow members
    • Give reactions
    • Frequent sign-ins
    • Purchase subscription (badge only - basically you can't buy your way to Grand Master (you have to earn it)

    Let me know if you have any questions/concerns.


  5. 6 minutes ago, Captain Obvious said:

    Mike, Very nice! I like the rest of the adjusted ranks as well.

    So now what about that "dedicated" badge for me? I should be almost there, right? Not sure how much longer I can keep this up! LOL

    And doesn't @Patcon get his "well followed" badge now that he's got ten followers or more?

    Yeah it's been a fun addition to the club...  I'll do some more playing around with icons and such as I get time.  I believe the Dedicated badge assumes you've logged in for 7 days straight.  It may require fully closing your browser to activate each day though.  So you may want to try that.  I believe the system processes the information every time you log in.  So if you want to try logging out and back in again it may update.

    I just followed Patcon to bump him up to 11 members.  Not sure but maybe the algorithm works on greater than 10 followers (he was at 10 exactly).  We'll see tomorrow.


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  6. 2 minutes ago, SteveJ said:

    The problem is getting the connectors for the 280Z headlights. I could work around that in the 74-76, but even that involves backing pins out of the connectors between the dash harness and engine harness. 

    Ah yes, this harness upgrade is only for the 70-73 series.  I wasn't sure because he didn't mention the model in his original post.  So is it possible to adapt the harness?  It doesn't appear that MSA has one for the later model cars.

  7. Happy Thanksgiving back to you!  Hope everyone reading this has a great day and enjoys time with family and friends.  

    @dutchzcarguy I think the holiday is more about being thankful and yes, today is the US holiday.  Although it's based on American history, other countries have similar days for giving thanks.

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  8. I also wanted to mention the new software has push notifications.  This feature is now built into the software and NOT an external service (like before).  It will not send ads.

    You can see the new feature by clicking your name in the upper right.

    So, if you have a device that supports it, feel free to enable the feature.  Most modern computers, tablets, and phones support it.


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