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  1. Bitcoin... 1 hour and my system mined 1 μBTC (microbitcoin). If you aren't familiar with the term, that's 1 millionth of a Bitcoin. Just a few more hours and I'll have a new car!! lol

    1. 240znz


      Maybe a nanocar is all you'll get?


    2. Mike


      Haha, a Hot Wheel...  :)

  2. Dad, what's a VCR? ;)

  3. I’m your huckleberry

  4. Good morning Coquitlam, Canada! You can see Vancouver in the background.

  5. Going to miss you my friend...


  6. Just gave this kiddo my favorite LEGO car from 1978. This set has been with me for 40 years and I have fond memories of building it with my dad. I can now pass it on...

  7. Bike share for every human

  8. Man, I miss driving my Z.  She's in storage in Oregon and I'm in Washington. :(

    1. Mikes Z car

      Mikes Z car

      That will happen to me in a couple of months when the rainy season hits.

    2. Mike


      Bummer, sorta takes the fun out of it..

    3. Mikes Z car

      Mikes Z car

      Fortunately for me the rainy winter season here isn't that long.  I have been driving my 240Z as a DD this summer, it goes everywhere.  It has been rained on twice since I bought it in 2008.  The night I bought it and one time when I had no other car.  The night I bought it I saw rain and snow as I drove it home. I remember looking up and seeing snowflakes coming down on the (ugh) sunroof.

  9. Posting on my wall.. hello world!  :P

  10. FYI, if you post on someone's wall, it will be made public.  If you want to send them a private message, please use the "Message" button on the top of their profile.

  11. No more wine for you, ZH. :)


  12. Hi all, just remember that posts to someone's wall are public. :) Send them a private message if you don't want it to be seen by everyone.

  13. Status update, updating status! :)

  14. Moved the who's online block to the center until the side block is updated.

  15. Member map on the way back tonight!

    1. SteveJ


      Thank God! Now I can figure out where I live again. These people have been looking at me funny since I started hanging out in their house when the map went down.

    2. Mike
    3. Redwing



      You are such a goof!  That was really funny...

      I'm so glad I know you.

      Jai    :rolleyes:

  16. Working on a new home page, give it a try by clicking "Home" in the upper left! :D

  17. Launched the new design today!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Mike


      No problem, I really like this new layout too.  Appreciate the feedback!  ^_^

    3. Mike


      BTW, is it working well on your android?

    4. Redwing


      Works great on the tablet, android.  My phone is Samsung android also, but I have not checked it yet.

      Too busy reading old posts, rally cars, etc.  :D



  18. RIP Mr K, thx for the Z

  19. Blogs are back online, enjoy!

  20. If you have any problems with login, please be sure to clear your cookies.

    1. bpilati


      Hey, how do we get t-shirts made like on our front page?

    2. Travel'n Man

      Travel'n Man

      Where did our garage go?

  21. We are now LIVE

  22. We have been migrated, now doing a bit of clean up! Stay tuned... one more day

  23. Hi Bryan, doing good! I saw you were up late last night, can't sleep?

  24. Hmm, not really sure. I would ask a message in the forum. We have more downloads coming but I'm not sure if we have every year. First place I'd check is the forum for now.

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