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  1. 20 hours ago, dylancorrea1 said:

     the car completely shut off and lost power, it wouldn’t turn back on.  The only only way to turn it on is by turning the key and pressing the accelerator. It will not go faster than 5 mph.

    This is not enough to really begin making guesses.  Remove the spark plugs and examine them.  They can tell you a lot about what's happening in the cylinders.  You'll have to remove them anyway to measure cylinder pressure.

    The fact that it runs means that you can listen to it and mess with it while it is running.  You can learn a lot that way also.

    The coolant might be a "red herring".  Irrelevant to the running problem.

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  2. 6 hours ago, Blitzed said:

    Hi All,

    Searched brake lines fittings, could not find the answer. Brake line fitting tread size and pitch? Ton data on the hex size (11mm or 10mm) but not the actual thread size and pitch for the fitting. Need to build a single brake line.  

    Thank you, 

    73 240Z 

    Most auto parts stores have a selection of pre-fitted brake lines of various lengths.  You can take your old parts in and compare and test fit.  Use a piece of wire or string to run down your old line to get the length.

  3. If you have an electric pump you can disconnect up by the filter and pump most of it out.

    You can also disconnect the outlet hose at the tank if you want control of the first few gallons.  Easier to use Vise-grips on the hose than trying to get the plug back in if your container fills up.

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  4. 6 hours ago, dutchzcarguy said:

    @Zed Head  i meant it more like a brand name..

    Here a example of DEXRON 75W90 oil.. of the brand ac delco.  it has nothing to do with the ATF..  yes ATF can be dexron but oil can also be dexron.. 

    We're talking about the 280ZX Turbo transmissions.  1981 - 1983.  Not brand name changes decades later.  Not what AC Delco did in 2016.


    Here's the 1983 FSM info again.  That is what the conversation is about.  1983.  The stuff about 2016 is interesting but not really relevant.


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  5. 3 hours ago, dutchzcarguy said:

    The name DEXRON does not mean it's automaticaly ATF were they talk about i think?  I sure never heard of putting atf in a manual gearbox!

    It's right there in the graphic that I pasted from the 1983 FSM.  I doubt that they were recommending gear oil in their automatic transmissions.  

    Look at the graphic.  "Type DEXRON" is mentioned twice.


  6. It's been confusing over the whole lifetime of Borg Warner "T5"'s.  Put "atf t5" in the Google box and a ton will come up.  You could read for days and still never be sure.

    But the ATF issue still exists.  I bought a 2003 Ford with an M5OD 5 speed in it and Ford recommends Mercon V ATF.  But it got stuck in neutral often (a not uncommon problem with the M5OD.  Too slippery for the synchros?  Don't know), so I used Pennzoil Synchromesh and it fixed all of the problems.  That was 30,000 miles ago and some of the Ford guys say it's going to burn the needle bearings up because it's to thick.  But it's been fine.  


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  7. On 10/17/2021 at 11:49 AM, DatsunZGuy said:

    You can see a lot of the timing chain parts with the valve cover off.  Get a bright light and see what's down there.

    If somebody broke a bolt off in the thermostat housing (very common) and drilled it out they might have drilled a hole in the guide.  It's right behind one of the holes.

    I don't see how piston ring parts get out of the ring groove and down the length of the piston skirt to the crankcase without major piston damage.

  8. Looks like you didn't quite get the signature thing.  Maybe you didn't click save, it's not obvious.

    Here is what the page looks like (thanks Steve).  For some reason it's in Account Settings even though it is actually a Profile thing (I spent 5 minutes looking through Profile to try to find it in the past).  Makes no sense, it's not a setting.  Anyway...

    Just type stuff in the box and click Save.




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  9. It's not too difficult.  A screw or two on the backside, some brake line fittings.  If you're handy I think it might be possible to do without removing the shoes.  Shoe installation is more difficult, with all of the springs and clips.


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  10. Might be the fuel pump control relay.   Nissan doesn't list the relay numbers so it's not clear what relay  #25230 is.  Also not clear why you decided to jump some pns on it, you must have some knowledge of the system.

    Another pump test you can try on a 78 is to remove the oil pressure sender wire from the sensor/switch.  When you turn the key on the pump should get power.  It will be a clue about at least one function of the system.

    There's a ton in the FSM about testing the relay, if you want to get in to that.



  11. On 10/16/2021 at 6:00 PM, RJK said:

    when I attempt to reconnect the battery terminals, I get sparking that definitely does not look normal.

    You're implying big sparks, with snapping noise.  The clock is the only thing that is on when the key is off, I believe.

    A simple "amp meter" is a 5 amp fuse in an inline fuse holder.  Connect it to the negative terminal and hold the other end on the negative post.  If it blows you have over 5 amps flowing.  Or use a circuit breaker "fuse", mentioned in a different thread.

    You could also remove the clock fuse and use a test light between negative terminal and post.  It should not light.

    Anyway, only the clock should be pulling amps.

    Electrical can be frustrating.  You can't see it.

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