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  1. Use "stroker" in your search terms and you'll find a bunch. This guy might actually be close to you.
  2. I think that the score is "all time", but they only show the last 12 months of reviews. eBay is not really about protecting buyers, it's about making them feel comfortable buying. I generally avoid strongly opinionated people. Good luck to him though.
  3. Looks like he's a member here. I thought the name looked familiar. https://www.classiczcars.com/profile/3084-theramz/
  4. The point of isolating the political opinions to one thread is that any of us can then Ignore the topic. Everybody wins, the guys with opinions can duke it out and the rest of us don't have to see it.
  5. Zed Head


  6. You can see how somebody going by memory of working on a Z in the past might put them on the wrong nipples.
  7. Zed Head


    Hate to say it, but politics gets boring real fast. This cake is baked. Nobody's opinion is changing.
  8. Anybody know how to work the site's levers to get images in a photo album to stop showing? I tried Ignore User but nothing happens. CRShowers pictures are nice but there's just too many.
  9. I was wondering about what happened to this car. There's an update. Seems suspicious. I wonder if they were insured. https://gasmonkeygarage.com/gas-monkeys-280z-goes-up-in-flames/
  10. People can't resist posting about election topics and other things that they feel strongly about so I'm starting this new thread. Feel free, let Mike decide what to about it. The dead horse is getting bloody. p.s. I didn't create the Topic because I wanted to see more politics. Just trying to isolate it.
  11. Zed Head


    Here's another one, for the global picture. https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/
  12. Zed Head


    Reposting this tool for those that want to see how things are in various regions. It's down to the county level. Lots of ways to rank or screen the data. https://covidactnow.org/?s=1219300
  13. I used to know somebody that was convinced that their body was magnetized because their watch battery died often. Kidding!! (Actually I did know somebody that told me that). I don't know how a touch could cause a mechanical valve to switch like that. Who knows. I know that the flappers have a spring that has to be overcome by the force of the vacuum. Maybe yours were right on edge. Brushed a hose or something. I notice that those nipples and hoses seem to be of different diameter, so if they're switched one would be loose and one tight. These cars are like Alice's rabbit hole. Always more to explore. That sounds awkward...
  14. No comprendo. Seriously. Don't know. When the label is right at the end of the hose, how can it not go there? Can't hurt to switch them. There is a lot of stuff in that AC chapter. I think the 76 FSM chapter might be in better shape than 75. This part here is odd also, below. Not sure what it means. Touch.
  15. That sucks. I had my power go out for four days due to cold, wind and snow. Found out the fireplace really sucked, like it sucked all the heat out of the house instead of creating any. It was worthless as a heat provider. But you should have been ready. It was predicted over a year ago. Your free paper towels will arrive soon.
  16. Looks to me like the valve has the hose connection locations cast in to the back. I would use those instead of the drawing if they don't match. Looks like one your D hoses is switched with another spot, it's on the "I" position. Don't lose those pieces of tape.
  17. Zed Head


    Belgium, Israel, Qatar... Otherwise, a hodge podge of countries doing worse over time. The large developed nations are all doing better.
  18. Zed Head


    Hungary is allowing fans at their soccer games. Can't end well. Those are real people in the stands, not cutouts. Meanwhile, their hospitals hit record high cases. Same day as the game. Today. https://news.yahoo.com/number-covid-patients-hospitalized-hungary-115146111.html icture
  19. The story is spreading. Those AMMO guys are like an ad agency. https://www.roadandtrack.com/news/a34499956/this-350-mile-280z-goes-from-barn-find-to-brand-new/
  20. Sometimes I do long division on paper just to keep that part of my brain moving, the part that was formed many many years ago . Today you don't even need to open a calculator anymore, just type in "378 divided by 22 =" and an answer pops up. Sad... Incredible, but still sad.
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