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  1. Hi Mike, 

    Is the Maryhill Loops event only for ZCCW club members? or CZCC too?

    Sounds like a great driving weekend. 



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    2. Terrapin Z

      Terrapin Z

      I sent the club an email, but have not heard back.

      I also tried to join the FB group, answered the questions and all. 

      I am Dave Zeparta on FB, as I don't like giving Mark Z my real name. 

      I have another FB page but that is all my music connections, trying to keep my hobby's separate. 

      I don't have any "friends" yet for my Z page. 

      Are you in the ZCCW club?

    3. Mike


      Just approved your FB request.  Welcome!


    4. Terrapin Z

      Terrapin Z

      Thanks for the add, Mike.

      Just posted pic's of my finds at the Portland Swap Meet. Some interesting pieces. 

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