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  1. 2 and a half is what all say is the best for a nice exhaust.I run 3 inch and feel i am losing some bottom end power.Car still seems fast but some local z thugs told me i am leaving power on the table with my set up.It was a turbo car before but running su setup now.James Salvato Santa Fe New Mexico usa....

  2. I know that the hardcore traditionalists will never understand the mod scene with a 70s z.You like it stock(and slow)...I love a true clean vintage all original s30,s and respect that.I am sort of a traditionalist and would allways keep it nissan.This v8 car breaks all the rules but i still respect the hours this guy put in his zcar.I would take his car over any original z i have seen.Believe me I have seen some clean s30s.At least he is in the running.Give em a break.

  3. Hey Padam07,

    Looks a little rough.Mine was rougher when I purchased it in 2005.You did the right thing to purchase a s30 z.I remember how pumped I was when I bought mine.It never wears off.I still see mine in the front yard every day and get excited.There is somthing very special about these cars we tinker with.It will take tons of hard resto work but you will enjoy the process.Have fun and good luck.When you have a question about any z car,come to this site and the anwser will be there.

    James Salvato

  4. I know this is a classic z car site.I just want to see what all you guys think of the new 370z car.Nissan is pushing the new car as a future 240z.It is shorter and wider than a 350z.Bigger and better motor as well.Some might not have heard about it.The shape of the windows reminds me of a car I know.I know some love it and others do not like it.What is your opinion.

    James Salvato

    S30 240z 1972

    S13 240sx 1989 future drift project

    trd celica 2001 daily

    trd taco 2001 4x4 extra cab daily



  5. That car would be a good roller with a few G'S.DO NOT BE DISCOURAGED..Some of these guys are runnin clean cars.Good for them.Build it up and drive it.I personally would never turn away a z car that year in that condition.I have more fun with a car you don't worry abot hurting.My car was in rougher shape when purchased.Do some homework and do it yourself.You will save cash and the reward of doing it yourself makes it that much better.$15,000,00 is alot of money.You must be doing rbtt swaps or something.


  6. Its great that you can enter a clean s30 in a show,with show cars(muscle cars)from america,and you will get some respect.And when you get to the local track day,seems everyone likes to see it run.You get the older car guys saying,I had one of those when I was a kid.Gotta love the z car....

    James Salvato


  7. Hi Folks,

    Happy to be part of this huge club.Any of you guys in New Mexico?Seems vintage z cars are rare in the area.I am up in Santa Fe and allways looking for other s30 addicts.My 240 has a 280 engine swap bored over a bit.Still running su's, electronic ignition,motor sport header and exaust,carbon bre air dam,bre rear wing,zg flairs,and running 18in nismo knock offs for street,The car runs great and is a blast to drive.I also have a 1989 240sx project drift car that will be started when the funds and wife allow.I also run a 2001toyota celica with some work as a daily.2001 Tacoma to tow and do some 4 wheelin.You can check some pics on this site.

    James Salvato


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